Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bump-date: 22 Weeks

Post-gym hair is a little wild! C'est la vie.
How far along: 22 weeks

Baby’s size: an ear of corn

Gender: boy!

Maternity clothes: this weekend's mission was to find some workout / comfy clothes, as well as some more comfortable sports bras... the ones I currently wear are digging into me and not really doing it for me any more! Any suggestions of where to get good ones that won't break the bank?

Sleep: I slept fantastically at my parents' over the weekend, and remembered that is what it's like when you don't have a cat jumping all over you all night long. It was glorious. I realize, though, that the cat-filled scenario is probably a much better indicator of what life with a child will be like.

Loving: clothes that still fit that are not "full panel" (it makes me so itchy!), ice cream, taking naps

Loathing: clothes that are "full panel," trying to find a new book to read, meal planning (nothing sounds super appealing other than taco salad and C insists we can't eat that every night)

Movement: every day! Not all the time, but more and more often - and occasionally, I feel it from the outside if I have my arm or hand on my belly. So weird!

Workouts: got in two long walks last week while listening to an audio-book, and then got in two more with my mom over the weekend. Felt great to be semi-active again now that my shoulder seems to be better. Back to the gym I go!

Belly button: weird and flattening, and also itchy. Everything is itchy!

Wedding rings: on, unless I've been walking / moving a lot, in which case my fingers get swollen. Probably not a good sign for the next few months, but maybe it'll get better when it's not summer.

Husband: partied like he was in college again over the weekend with his guy friends for their fantasy football draft - no idea how he still manages to stay up past midnight, but he did! He may have regretted it come Monday morning...

Can't wait for: painting the nursery this weekend! That's the plan, anyway...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Five for Friday: the sad and the good

Five quick things, then we can all get on with our Friday. Before the fun stuff, though...

I would be remiss if I did not mention the tragedy that occurred on live news on Wednesday. I was horrified to see that two journalists were murdered, and saddened to see that it happened at Smith Mountain Lake. As many people know, my family has a house on SML, and we consider the lake to be a serene refuge from the "real world." Bridgewater Plaza, where the incident occurred, is a place that we have frequented over the years, and it broke my heart to see this tragedy unfold at a place that I consider one of my homes. It has been a sad week for the lake community, the news community, and the Hokie family, as one of the journalists was a VT grad. Keep them and the victims' families in your hearts, if you can.

Deep breath. OK. Let's do our five things!

1 // C made meatball pita sandwiches with homemade tzatziki on Tuesday night. I always kind of forget how much I love tzatziki, and then when I have it, I feel like I could drink a bowlful. Seriously. Garlic breath doesn't scare me. It's just so good. Try this recipe if you've never made it at home.

2 // We just bought tickets for a Hokie football game this fall, and I am beside myself with excitement. Can't wait to get "home" to Lane Stadium!! It will be baby's "first" football game (and possibly my first sober game... cough cough) and I know we will have a blast.

3 // In other baby news, a large package arrived on our doorstep earlier this week... we officially own a crib. Yikes. My in-laws were sweet enough to buy Baby W's bed for us, and while it's just going to sit boxed up for a while longer, I can't get over how intense that moment was when I realized that we have a crib in our house because a baby is coming.

4 // C is hosting his friends at our house this weekend for their fantasy football draft. It is intense and very, very serious, and I am very, very seriously vacating the premises for the weekend. I am planning to hightail it up to my parents' this weekend and spend some QT with them. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to celebrating, plus a few other fun activities with my mama. The boys will hopefully keep my house neat and tidy not destroyed, and I'll return home once the shenanigans are finished on Sunday.

5 // I've had some office requests for sweet treats lately, and it really has been a hot minute since I've brought any goodies in. May have to do some baking this weekend! Any suggestions for easily transportable favorites? I'm thinking brownies of some sort...

I told you this would be quick! What are your plans for this weekend? Send me your favorite baked goods recipe! Please :)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bump-date: 21 Weeks

Actually 21w5d - oops
Surprise - new hair cut and color!

How far along: 21 weeks

Baby’s size: a baby bok choy

Gender: BOY!

Stretch marks: none, but I have noticed my stomach starting to feel really itchy... working more lotion into my daily routine!

Sleep: much better as my should pain has gone away - that was definitely keeping me awake

Loving: lemonade (still), yoga pants, a few days of low humidity, binge-watching NCIS

Loathing: not being able to work out due to the should injury - should be able to get back to the gym this week! fingers crossed.

Missing: a 5 o'clock beer on Saturday nights. Really.

Movement: lots more lately. and, best part of the week by far? C felt him kick! It only happened once, but I am pretty sure I will never forget the look on his face. Love.

Symptoms: the middle-school acne is back (so cute) and I have started feeling some round ligament pain if I walk too long or too quickly (i.e., for hours around Buy Buy Baby while we registered!)

Belly button: looking might shallow lately...

Husband: is still insisting I pick a paint color, and constantly wants to know if the baby is moving so he can try to feel him again. Only disappointment so far, but I know it will happen more soon!

Can't wait for: spending some time with my parents this weekend, and celebrating my dad's birthday!

Monday, August 24, 2015

A PSA and an Adorable Baby

Good morning! Quick PSA for you: next week is September. YAY!

[you're welcome.]
On Saturday evening, I told my darling husband that we'd had the perfect kind of day: very busy, getting everything we needed and wanted to done, AND I got to take a nap. Is there anything better?

Friday morning was dentist appointments (horrible) followed by a hair cut & color (wonderful). We met up with my sister and brother-in-law at a nearby brewery for happy hour (water is getting old), then headed to a local comedy club. I had never been to a live comedy club, so that was a new experience! C's uncle is a stand-up comic, and he just so happened to be one of the headliners of the show that night in our area... so of course we had to go! It turned out to be a really fun, original date night - can't beat that!

Fun time - we will be back!
Saturday morning was appointments with the eye doctor and several errands - all is well on the vision front (i.e., I'm still blind as a bat) - and we got to squeeze in Chipotle for lunch. We followed that with a stop by the Weecycled Wardrobe consignment sale to see if we could find any good baby deals... a few things caught our eyes, but we left empty-handed. Nothing was exactly what we were looking for, so we decided it was better to leave it for someone who needed / wanted it more.

C's sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner on Saturday night... meaning baby time! We snuggled our sweet niece all evening, and had a great time visiting with them. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly babies change and grow - our niece seems so to have gotten so much bigger and older in the few weeks since we've last seen her. I can only imagine how quickly it will all happen once it's our own baby. Whew!

Is there anything sweeter than a gummy baby smile??
C also made a killer Saltimbocca-style stuffed pork tenderloin for dinner that was absolutely delicious. Recipe coming soon! We paired it with corn on the cob and steamed garlicky red potatoes - a pretty much restaurant-quality meal, if you ask me. The homemade chocolate chip cookies I had on hand for dessert didn't hurt the situation!

Sunday was reserved for yard work, laundry, a SweetFrog trip, and binge-watching NCIS (can't stop, won't stop). We had crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner with baked beans and coleslaw - quintessential summer meal, right before fall arrives! Yum. We finished the weekend watching the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. Anyone else watch?? Thoughts?? I was on the edge of my seat most of the time waiting for something to happen and it pretty much never did. I know, I know, they were setting the scene - but I was nervous for no reason for 90 minutes!

Andddd now we are back to Monday morning (too soon, per usual). It's bound to be a busy week but I am super excited for September being right around the corner. Bring on all the fall things!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pink or blue? The Reveal!

Last Thursday, I had my 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound. It was super exciting, and the ultrasound tech who did the scan was SO sweet and thorough - she really took her time showing C and I each and every part of the baby and talking us through what she was seeing. She worked her way from head to toe, taking measurements and talking us through the procedure. It was wonderful - but also excruciating, because we were dying to know the sex of the baby! She saved the best part for last, and luckily, Baby W cooperated and showed us the goods.

We sat on our little secret until Saturday, when we were able to have our families over to share the exciting news. C had the great idea to fill some balloons with the appropriate color of confetti, and then the grandmas could pop the balloons to find out if Baby W was a he or a she. We found black balloons at Party City and meticulously filled them with confetti... harder than one would think, by the way! 

We tied the balloons onto the ceiling fan and armed my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister with push pins. The resulting video of me counting to 3 and then the popping of the balloons is SO great - pretty sure I will keep it forever. It was such a fun way to share the news, and it was fun to post the video to Facebook and let friends and family near and far watch to find out as well. I do love an interactive method of sharing information!

If you follow me on Instagram (or we're friends on Facebook), then you likely already know what I'm about to share... but for those who don't, I won't hold back any longer. Drum roll, please...

We can't wait to welcome Baby BOY W this winter!