Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

I fully intend to start an “Index Card Journal” because that idea is just so cute and easy (and appealing to someone like myself who has the attention span of a gnat, so writing one sentence per day is about all I can handle). However, since it is currently Jan 3, and I have neither the journal nor the supplies for the journal, just the idea of the journal, I shall document (for posterity) what has occurred so far in 2012. Let’s see…

Jan 1 – Hangover. Terrible hangover. Neither shocking or uncommon, but what can ya do. We threw a NYE party, and hung out with the friends who were still around for much of the day on New Year’s Day. After an epic clean-up session (surprisingly little mess considering the size of the party, but still enough mess that it was making me highly uncomfortable), Charlie and I trekked to Wegmans for some of their $6 (or $8, in my case) dinners and hi-jacking The Pacific from my parents. Got home, and immediately began a marathon session of the DVDs. So good! We watched eight of them back to back (and stayed up til 2 AM!). 

Jan 2 – Slept til 11, then watched the last two episodes of The Pacific. Cannot say enough good things about that series – it is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking and scary and amazing. I can’t imagine living during a time of war like WWII was – the war of the 2000s was so different from that of the 1940s. I got my hair cut and colored (and absolutely love it – I’ve been itching to go back to basic brown, and Stephanie the hair fairy did exactly what I was hoping for) and then came home and made a pot of chili. Watched some football and flipped channels for a while, then headed to bed early.

Jan 3 – Back to work for the first time in 2012 (boo!). Tonight is the Sugar Bowl, and the Hokies are playing Michigan. We’re headed to Springfield to watch (part of) the game with Michelle & Joe. Let’s Geaux Tech!

So there we have it. Proof that the first three days of 2012 were not very exciting, but were good days nonetheless. My 25th birthday is five days away, and I intend to make my 25th year one of the best yet!

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