Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Official List: 25 in 25

I said in the very beginning of the year, on my birthday, that I was going to make a list of 25 things to do this year, while I'm 25. It's taken me much longer than anticipated to actually come up with this list, because I wanted it to be really good (good meaning fun, special, doable,ambitious yet realistic). However, I've finally done it - it's taken me until the end of February, but I have my list of 25 in 25. Without further ado...

25 in 25

1. Read 12 books (1/month) - I have fallen down on my leisure reading, even though reading is one of my favorite things to do. I'm determined to do better, and pick up a book or my Nook much more often this year.

2. Go to the gym (or exercise somehow) 4+ days per week - this is mostly a continuation of what I already do, but I really want to ensure that I keep up with my exercise.

3. Cook 24 new recipes - things I've never made at all, not just changes (2/month) - C & I enjoy cooking, but we also have a few tried-and-true recipes that we tend to always fall back on. Time to find some new dishes!

4. Create my recipe book/compilation - I have a folder in my email titled "Recipes" that contains about a million emails to myself with yummy looking things. I want to find a way to compile all these into something I can actually use.

5. Increase savings by $7000 - this is a goal for C & I to work on together, and mostly just means that we want to have this much more money in our accounts by the end of the year. Whatever combination of ways that requires.

6. Visit three places I’ve never been - Self-explanatory. Go new places. Big or small, doesn't matter - just new. 

7. Blog/write regularly (at least 2x/week) - There was a time in my life when I was writing daily (journaling, poetry, fiction, essays - all sorts) and trust me, that is not now. I am good with words, and I need to exercise that strength.

8. Take a vacation with C that is somewhere neither of us have been - this is similar to #6, but with a twist. C & I often go places that one of us has been before, so that we have some familiarity but get to enjoy the newness of doing it together. I want to go somewhere neither of us has been!

9. Watch 12 new movies - I have all my old favorites that I watch for background noise when I'm doing other things or just because I love them. Time to branch out!

10. Sort, organize, and give away all the things I intended to when we moved in - I tried to clear some clutter when we moved in August, but between wedding planning, getting married, and all the holidays, it kind of fell by the wayside - plus we gained a ton of stuff after the wedding! Definitely time to purge.
11. Get to my goal weight - this means losing 15 pounds. The end.

12. Increase my “usual” weight for all exercises at the gym - I want to push myself harder, and do more. I know my body is capable. It just takes effort, practice, and patience.

13. Run two races - any length, any where, any type, just run.

14. Finish the office - the "office" in our house has become the catch-all room. We need a filing cabinet, a desk chair, and some organization, badly. I'm determined to make this room functional.

15. Plan a fun outing with my mom and my sister - I think it would be a lot of fun to go somewhere and do something, just the three of us! We could use some re-connecting time that doesn't involve weddings.

16. Send 12 pieces of “just because” mail - who doesn't love to get mail? I'm going to send cards, letters, pictures, whatever. My friends and family are worth the time and effort!

17. Have a dinner party - I can't wait to do this. I'm so excited to have a house and a patio and a yard, and I want to entertain! To me, this means eight or more people, three or more courses, decorating, dessert, the works!

18. Go to all the Smithsonian museums (again) (the major ones) - I've been to just about all of them, but many not since I was much younger. These valuable treasures are sitting in my backyard, just steps from my office - time to revisit!

19. Bake the perfect cake for each of my family members’ birthdays - I love baking, and I love the feeling I get when I create a treat for someone. I want to bake, from scratch, a sweet something for each of the people who are special to me this year!

20. Craft something for each holiday without spending a lot of money/decorate for cheap - we don't have much by means of decorations since we're brand new home-havers. I love holiday decorations, but I don't want to spend a lot or get cheap stuff that won't last. I can do this myself!

21. Pay off credit cards - self-explanatory, as well. I have one card that I need to pay off and close, and one that I use randomly - it's important to have credit, but also important not to take advantage of it.

22. Make a wedding album and hang wedding prints - time to do something with all those wedding pictures! If I don't do it this year, it will never get done.

23. Plant a garden of something and maintain it long enough to produce something - we have a small backyard, but plenty of space to use. I'm not sure if this will be herbs, or some veggies, or strawberries - but I want to do something, and have something fresh to use in our cooking.

24. Learn something new (what is TBD) - education should never end. This will be expanded later!

25. Go wine-tasting - because I've been saying for years that I want to, but I just never do. This will be the year!

So there you have it. My 25 in 25 - all the things that will make this year amazing. I've been alive for a quarter of a century, and I'm going to celebrate, damn it!

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