Thursday, March 1, 2012

#febphotoaday End of the Month Photo Dump!

This month, I participated in the February Photo-A-Day Challenge from @fatmumslim. I managed to keep up with it all month, and was only behind a couple of times. It was fun to take a picture a day, and I think I'm going to participate in March's challenge, too! I did a photo dump halfway through February, so here is the second half of the photos:


15. phone: C's phone
16. something new: new magazine
17. time: Friday night
18. drink: my addiction - diet coke!
19. something you hate to do: putting away laundry
20. handwriting: to-do list at work
21. a fave photo of you: happiness at the beach
22. where you work: DC
23. your shoes: gym
24. inside your bathroom cabinet: clutter
25. green: pears and limes
26. night: my neighborhood
27. something you ate: yum
28. money: 'sup George.
29.  something you're listening to: not ashamed.

Here's what's on the calendar for March:

Looks like fun!!

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