Monday, March 19, 2012

Gone in a flash - weekend recap!

Whew! Does anyone else feel like this weekend just flew by?! Every weekend feels short, of course, but this one in particular felt like it was gone before I had a chance to blink.

On Friday, my mom and a neighbor came into the city to meet me & the neighbor’s daughter, who works just down the street from me. We went to the Hirshhorn to see a special exhibit that’s there now, and then we went to dinner at the Lebanese Taverna in Pentagon Row. That was a new experience for me – I’d never had Lebanese food before! It was… interesting. Not entirely sure that’s really my thing – but I did enjoy the fresh bread, hummus, and sangria! After we got home, my parents came over and we watched the hockey game. The Caps came THIS CLOSE to pulling off a win… no such luck though. Sigh. I ended up staying up until almost 1:30 AM – I was caught up reading Catching Fire! That’s right – the Hunger Games has sucked me in. I’m getting ready to start reading Mockingjay now. I don’t know why I refused to read these books at first, but I’m so glad I was finally convinced to jump in! I’ve officially joined the bandwagon. No turning back now!

On Saturday, we slept in, and then I went to one of my favorite Les Mills classes at the gym – Body Flow! It’s a combination of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates, and it is such a great workout! Somewhat low-key and soothing, but really intense at the same time. After I got home, C and I headed out to run some errands. We decided to invite my parents over for a St. Patty’s Day bbq, and found some great steaks at the grocery store! After coordinating with them and stopping by C’s parents’ house to say hi for a bit, we headed home to complete our major project for the weekend: decorating our bedroom!

I’m a bit ashamed to say this, but we’ve lived in our house for over eight months now, and I haven’t hung one single thing up in our bedroom – the walls are completely bare! I find this task a bit daunting, because I have lots of ideas, but I’m afraid to commit to anything for fear that I won’t like it a week later! I finally made some decisions, and we got down to business. C mounted a couple of shelves for me on one wall, and hung up a three-part painting that my sister did for us on another. We knocked out both tasks in about an hour, and I’m really pleased with how it looks! Such a huge difference.  I’m so lucky to have a personal handyman who is willing to put up with my indecisiveness and constant requests for “just another inch to the left… no, no, a little more center… not perfectly aligned…” and so on. I should have just walked away and let him do it! No matter, in the end, he did great, and we are both happy with the results!
Measuring away

"Make sure you get a picture of this.. perfectly level!" -C

Shelf-hanging master
Work in progress, hence the empty wedding frame... oops.
Pretty painting that my sister made. Love it!

My parents and a friend came over for our bbq, and we sat outside on our back porch drinking black & tans, grilling, and enjoying the gorgeous weather! Who’s ever heard of spending St. Patrick’s Day outside in 75* weather? Not this girl, that’s for sure. We had a fun night though!

C & mom experiment as bar tenders
My St. Pat's drink of choice... wrong culture.
Yesterday, C & I slept in again (we must have been really worn out from the last week!) and then had a lunch date at Zo√ęs and ran a few more errands that we’d skipped on Saturday. We spent the afternoon watching (or trying to watch… meh) the movie Hanna – but neither of us really enjoyed it. Netflix fail. Oops! I was feeling super lazy, but reminded myself that any workout is better than no workout and that I needed to get up and out!

Any is better than none. [source]
Laced up my tennis shoes & I ran to the gym (literally! And forgot my sunscreen – whoops) and took an abs/core class with my mom, then went back to her house and helped her with grading some projects for a bit. C & I had a quick dinner before he was off to his flag football game (spring season has already begun!) and I spent the evening cleaning and doing some laundry. We crashed almost as soon as he got home last night, and Monday morning was here again before we knew it! Like I said before, this weekend absolutely flew by!

It’s been a busy day around the office so far, but I have had time to do ONE thing that was highly important… pre-ordered tickets to see the Hunger Games movie on Saturday! C read the book last week as well, and while he didn’t love it as much as I did, admitted that he thinks it will be a cool movie – so we are the proud owners of two tickets, and will report back on how good it is sure to be!!

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