Monday, March 5, 2012

Know why I smile all the time?... 'cause it's worth it.*

Happy Monday! In the straight-to-the-point words of my sweet office mate, “Mondays are brutal.” Here are five reasons why I’m happy this morning:

1.       I’m wearing my Pepto-Bismol-pink rain boots, since we’re supposed to have a bit of precipitation (could be snow? Could be rain?) here in DC today. Pink makes everything better.

These babies are on my feets. Love!

2.       There is a two-hour episode of Alcatraz on tonight! I don’t know about you, but C & I have been loving this show. We’re not sure how the season will pan out, or what they’ll do as far as format after this first season (do they just catch a new bad guy every episode? That might get old…) but so far we are hooked! Super excited for that tonight.

3.       I was able to stop by Global Foods yesterday and picked up a bunch of fresh fruit. I have a pear and a kiwi for this morning, and an orange for later if I want it. I’m loving fruit lately!

 4.       It’s a bit cold today, but on Thursday it’s supposed to be 68* and sunny! Perfect weather, in my book. That’s something to look forward to! And, while it’s six whole days away, the weather is looking great for the St. Patrick's Day 8K on Sunday – as of now, 60* and partly sunny. I’ll take that!

5.       I’m just about ready to order the invitations for my sister’s bridal shower! It’s going to be on Cinco de Mayo, and obviously going to be fiesta-themed! She’s going to love it, and I’m excited for how the plans are coming along. 

Going back to #4… that’s right, we’re less than a week away from my first 8K race. I’m a little bit unsure about what my training schedule should be like this week – when should I run? When should I rest? I want to get in a couple of sessions this week, but I also want to be feeling my best on Sunday. Help out a new runner! I’m nervous and enthusiastic – hoping this week flies by, but at the same time, hoping it goes slow… I think I’m ready for it, though!

*10 points if you can name the source of the title of this post. And if you can't... only my favorite video ever!

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