Saturday, March 31, 2012

Late Night Update

It's Friday night, and I'm currently sitting in bed, wondering if I/we won the $640 Million MegaMillions... and then remembering that we never quite got around to buying lottery tickets today. Whoops. Apparently you must pay with cash - and whoever has cash these days?? Not I (said the fly...).

x ... what? 700? ok.


at the moment
time: 12:07 AM
location: bed
weather: a bit chilly when I was out earlier
eating: nadda
drinking: diet coke & cherry rum - don't hate
loving: a weekened with no legit plans at all!
wondering: how long all the chores will take me tomorrow
enjoying: the idea of sleeping in tomorrow
accomplishing: an unexpected blog post, obvi!
thinking: that hopefully no one won the lotto tonight, and I still have time to buy a ticket!

There's a lot going on in these parts - a lot of things weighing on my mind lately. Not sure if things are going to take a turn for the serious, or how the next month-ish shall be documented... it may be different than the last few, that's for sure. Bear with me! You're in for the long haul, right??

Good night, folks. xx

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