Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Verdict Is In...

So did anyone else get a reality check when they opened their front door this morning? I know I sure did! After the gorgeous weather we’ve been having (that is decidedly un-March-like), it was a frosty 31* at the train station this morning. Winter coats, back out! Yuck.

We had a jam-packed weekend, starting with Friday night… HUNGER GAMEZZZ! Who else saw it?? Here’s my very, very short analysis: I liked it, but not as much as I wanted to like it. I feel like it was lightened up, and the darkest parts of the book were made to seem not-so-bad in the movie (hello, she almost died of dehydration in the beginning of the games – no mention of that, or a number of other things) and it seemed like it was desperately trying to reach as wide an audience as possible. I get that – but I just hate when the little details that really catch my eye while reading aren’t in the movie. Boo. In the end, yes, I liked it (and C liked it, too!) – but I wasn’t blown away like I expected it to be. Official grade: B-. Sorry I’m not sorry. After the movie, C & I went for a beer to discuss our thoughts – we’re such a cute little married couple. Ha!
Saturday morning my mom and I went to a BodyPump class before heading to the mall – BodyPump is seriously one of the BEST Les Mills classes. If you haven’t tried it, and have the ability to, get in there! It’s a weight-lifting class that focuses on strength-building and endurance, rather than maxing out your weight. I have learned so much from taking this class, and I know that it has been one of the main contributing factors as I’ve gotten back into shape and toned up. Can’t recommend it enough!

BodyPump set-up
My mom, sister, and I had a girls’ lunch at PF Changs before hitting the mall – yum! I had chose Philip's Better Lemon Chicken from the new lunch menu that is being introduced next month with a side salad - so good! This is what happens when you try to get your sister to take a “good picture” of her enjoying her lunch… right.

We had fun, and each had a successful shopping day, too! That rarely happens. Found just what we were looking for!

Saturday night we headed out to celebrate my best friend’s husband’s birthday – dinner and drinks in Reston! My sister and her fiancĂ© were there, too, and we had a great time at the restaurant before the four of us headed back to our house to hang out for the rest of the night. 

Sisterly love. Also typical.
I was up bright and early Sunday morning to hit the grocery store – I was on a mission! My boss was having a brunch get-together for her birthday, and had asked if I could bring “crack potatoes.” Um, yes! Only the best potato casserole ever! I got the original recipe from Plain Chicken, but made a few changes – sub Greek yogurt for half the sour cream, make the other half light sour cream, and top the whole thing with extra shredded cheddar (because extra cheddar is always better!). You must make this. Then thank me. You're welcome.

We had a great time mingling and drinking champagne punch for a few hours. Still on the calendar was dinner at my in-law’s for C’s dad’s birthday, so we finished up the busy weekend seeing his family and watching the Caps win! My kinda weekend, for sure. I was exhausted by Sunday night, though. I felt like the whole weekend had been a whirl-wind! Looking forward to downtime next weekend to do laundry and clean. 
Sunday tulips brightening my living room
Tonight I’ll be doing cardio with my mom, and will probably end up on the treadmill since it got cold again! I think I’ll look for a way to change up my usual work out – any suggestions for quick but intense treadmill work, that won’t kill me? Send ‘em my way!


Caitlin said...

Ah? Fun treadmill workouts? Here's a great page of good ones!! http://www.pbfingers.com/work-it-out/treadmill-workouts/

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Cait! I'll check it out! Knew I could count on you :)

Elizabeth said...

Your hair looks cute in these pics!

KB said...

First: You look amazing in these pics! You can tell you're losing weight and toning up. You go girl. :)

Second: I actually didn't mind a lot of the changes they made in the movie. Maybe I was just taken aback at how amazing the actors were at playing characters I'd fallen in love with. I gave it an A-/B+ because of the jerky camera angles (yuck) and there wasn't a ton of depth in the Peeta/Katniss relationship so it was hard for my mom (a non-reader) to understand why I love them together. And she didn't understand the bread scene and how Katniss felt like he was the only reason she was alive.

Lindsay said...

Thanks girlfriend!

Lindsay said...

First: THANKS! I'm working on it. We are in Operation: Wests Lose Weight - and having great progress. There will be a whole post on that someday when I reach my goal!

Second: Rawr. I'm torn, really. The acting was good, but I didn't love JL as Katniss. Her acting was fantastic, but I didn't think she looked the part. The love triangle wasn't deep enough for me, and I didn't like that they kind of downplayed Katniss's "acting" in love vs. Peeta's being in love. Mostly though, it was as true to the story line as any book-turned-movie I've seen. All the hype, though... I felt let down!