Sunday, April 22, 2012

Change of plans

Today, I was supposed to go see Titanic in 3d with my sister. Then I planned on getting a pedicure, doing some laundry, cleaning a little, and going to the gym. Typical Sunday ahead.

INSTEAD... We're going to the Caps game!! Yesterday, we watched as the team stole an exciting game 5 in Boston, and after the game ended, a friend of C's called and asked if we'd be interested in going to game 6 today if he could get tickets. Umm... Yes!! Tickets were found and purchased, and today we're headed downtown! We're rocking our red and excited to be getting to watch this game in person. Anyone who know us knows we are huge hockey fans - we never pass up an opportunity to go to a game. (side note: our first date was at a Caps game!) So cross your fingers - the Caps could clench the series today! GO CAPS!!

Monday Morning Update: Caps lost :( It was a good game, and we had a lot of fun. But it wasn't a win. It went to overtime, though, and Boston scored first... the end. Game 7 is Wednesday night! Looks like I'll be needing to find a new shirt to wear - we're a bit superstitious in this house about what you wear for wins and losses. Actually, we're a bit superstitious about a number of things when it comes to the playoffs... normal, right?

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