Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It sounded good... in theory...

Last night, we experimented for dinner. And that experiment turned out to be… one big “eh.” Not exactly successful, but not exactly unsuccessful. It happens.

I made Poached Salmon Pasta Salad from Laaloosh, using frozen salmon fillets that I purchased a while back. A few modifications, based on the ingredients I already had at home. Here’s what we learned:
  • Poaching salmon is easy! Water, white wine, lemon juice, and shallots make for a delicious cooking liquid. I think that, next time, we’ll just poach the salmon and eat it by itself.
  • We don’t like capers. The recipe called for three tablespoons – I only put one, and we still both recoiled a bit from the taste.
  • I like a Greek-yogurt-based sauce more than C does. Even with a spoonful of honey added, it was a little too tart for him.
  • We can poach! This was definitely one for the “new recipes” item on the 25 for 25, so chalk one up in that category.
  • This is going to make smelly leftovers, and I will be the leper of the office. Sigh.
Picture evidence:
Poached Salmon Pasta Salad
So much potential.
I should have taken a picture of the salmon poaching, because that was far more exciting, but I forgot. Whoops.

To add to the situation, my sister sent me this picture of her dinner last night:

Homemade pizza. We were jealous.

On the bright side, this was a filling meal, and pretty healthy. The fish and yogurt were great sources of protein, and having a little bit of whole-wheat pasta got us our carb fix, without overdoing it. However, we probably won't make it again. Using my mom's official rating scale, I deem this one a recipe I wouldn't serve to company. Oh well!

Anyone else have a meal fail lately? Tonight's menu features pork tenderloin - which is relatively foolproof!

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