Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

Halfway through. Whew.
  • I feel like I’m being attacked by nature every time I walk out the door. Either that, or the movie The Happening (aka worst movie ever) is coming true. The pollen is so bad. My body is in shambles.
Seriously. I paid money to see this. So bad.
  • Yesterday I had one of my worst runs ever. I hopped on the treadmill at the gym (there’s no way I can run outside; see above for details) and felt fine at first – but just a few minutes in, I had an awful cramp in my side. Then my shins started hurting. Then my toes fell asleep. My toes! Asleep! While running! It was whack. I don’t know if my laces were too tight, or my feet haven’t recovered from being jammed in 4” heels all weekend, or what, but it was a terrible feeling. I pushed through a little over two miles & called it quits. Some days just aren’t designed for running.
Inspirational quote. I did not feel inspired. Sigh.
  • C & I did a major grocery shop last night. I almost never do that during the week, but it got to the point that if we didn’t go, we weren’t going to be able to eat for the rest of the week (whoops). We grabbed dinner at Zo√ęs first (get in my belly! So good) and then were off to Wegmans. It actually wasn’t too bad – we were in and out in an hour or so – but we were constantly surrounded by families with 3+ kids. Screaming kids. What was that about?! Talk about birth control. Yikes.
  •  I currently have 14 games of “draw something” going. That might be a few too many. So fun, though!
  • Our taxes are not done. Big shock there! They’re partially done, but we really have to sit down and finish the rest sometime soon… like this weekend, obviously. Not sure why we’ve been putting them off so badly, but nonetheless, it has boiled down to being the 11th of April and we’re still not finished. C’est la vie.
  • I have been really, really hungry lately. Yesterday, I had breakfast when I got to work at 7:30. I ate my lunch at 11:40, when I normally trying to wait till at least noon, so I’m not starving by the time I get home. It didn’t even matter – my stomach was still growling all afternoon. I ate leftovers when I got home, and dinner after the gym. Today, I had yogurt and coffee for breakfast, and I’m still ready to eat my lunch – at 9:45 AM. What is the deal? (Update – I ate my lunch. It was a little lunch! I guess I’ll have to get a salad or something later… because I’m bound to be hungry again in like 10 minutes.)
  •  Three words: Kim and Kanye. Just can’t wrap my brain around that one. Ick.
  • My boss and I have been making JibJab cards, and they are quite possibly the funniest things I've ever seen. JibJab is the site that brings you "Elf Yourself" every Christmas (which is hilarious) and during the rest of the year, they have random ecards that you can make. You use pictures of people to insert faces into the cards to make the characters sing and dance - and it's hysterical. We made one yesterday featuring some of our IT guys, and had them cracking up. This morning, we did one that was four of the guys on my team square-dancing - while that may not sound funny, trust me, it was, and everyone on the floor was dying of laughter. Totally normal Wednesday morning.  
  •  I ordered this swimsuit from Land’s End (don’t judge me; they make really great suits for girls like me, who are, um, endowed) – and I want it to get here NOW. Online shopping is the best and the worst – so easy, but waiting for whatever I bought to arrive is AWFUL given my impatience. (ALSO. I ordered when I did because I had a coupon code for 25% off... wouldn't you know that, today, all the swimsuits are 30% off. Just my luck! Bah.) 
Randoms, indeed. Hope your Wednesday is wonderful! If it isn't, go make a JibJab. It will be exponentially better after that.


caityrogo said...

I AM STARVING ALL THE TIME TOO. I try to tell myself it's because we work out a lot but it still feels abnormal. I also try to bring snacks that I don't mind snacking on. Like celery or carrots, things that occupy the mouth (aka lots of chewing) etc. Just know that you are not alone. My coworker and I actually constantly exchange emails with the subject "things that are ok to eat before 10am". See you later :)

Lindsay said...

RIGHT? Glad I'm not alone! I like to think my metabolism is just really, really high... but I can't be sure that's the case! ha. I always try to have healthy things with me like fruit and veggies, but when I forget (like yesterday and today! bah) it is killer. No wonder they used to feed us lunch at like 930 in middle school - so hungry by now!