Monday, April 9, 2012

#YOLO - Atlantic City Style

I spent this past weekend in Atlantic City with my sister and five of her friends, celebrating her bachelorette party! It was quite an experience, as it was my first trip to AC, and we had a blast. We got to the hotel late Friday night, intending to take it easy, but ended up going out for a while just to see what the scene was like. On Saturday, hung out in the hotel room most of the morning, then headed out for lunch and to walk on the boardwalk. We found an awesome bar called the Beer Garden, which is part of Caesar's, and spent a few hours sitting in the sun, enjoying a variety of seasonal beers. When we got back to the hotel, it was time for presents, snacks, and getting ready. We headed to a club called "Dusk" at Caesar's, and stayed there all night. It was so much fun! I rarely do stuff like that, so it's kind of cool to get out and let loose sometimes. We checked out of the hotel by 10 on Sunday morning, and my sister and I had Easter dinner at my parents' house last night. It was a whirlwind 48 hours! But I think Nat had fun, and we certainly will be sending her off to married life with a bang.

I'm drinking coffee like it's going out of style today - I am absolutely exhausted from the weekend! I don't even think there are the words to describe the whole trip, so I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are a few of the tamest ones :)

*YOLO was the catch-phrase of the weekend... it was plastered on tshirts and sweatshirts and everything else at all the little tourist shops on the boardwalk. It's hilarious how many things/situations/experiences that can be applied to... and maybe a bit obnoxious. HA!

Saw this on a car in front of us while on the road - love it!

Nat & her best friend/college roommate, Lauren
Lauren & I before going out on Friday night

Got in a quick run on Saturday morning
The most awkward hotel "gym" I've ever used - yes, this is in a hotel room

The beach!
A variety of beers we found at the Beer Garden at Caesar's
Hanging out on the boardwalk on Saturday afternoon
Boardwalk sights

Sisters <3 before going out on Saturday night

Our friend, Caity, and I

The bride and her wedding party  

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