Friday, May 4, 2012

Five for Friday

Happy Friday, ya'll! After a couple of rainy mornings, the sun is finally out in DC, I have an iced coffee, and I think I'm going to be able to escape work just a little bit early this afternoon! Can't beat that with a stick. How's your Friday going?

A few thoughts, in the form of Five for Friday:

1. Did anyone watch American Idol last night and see Carrie Underwood perform? Oh Em Gee. That girl is seriously my idol (pun.. ha!) - she is the one person I always say when asked which celeb I'd want to be. I have loved her from the very beginning, and she just gets better and better! Check out her dress:
So gorgeous. Those legs! The dress! Her hair! And I loved the song she sang, "Blown Away" (aka the title track from her new album) - I was happy she didn't do "Good Girl," which was what I was expecting. Love her!

2. I just got an email regarding a "small token of appreciation," but the sender accidentally wrote "small toucan" -- like the bird. I am literally cracking up at my desk, and probably look like a fool, but that was just the little giggle I needed this morning. What's the best typo you've seen lately? I can't stop thinking about a very small toucan (not a big one!).

3. Graduation is right around the corner for most colleges, and my Facebook is being filled with statuses about finals, bar crawls, reading day, and summer vacation. I am green with envy of those who are still in college (because I would go back in a nanosecond!) and so happy/sad for those about to graduate. Graduating from college is incredible, and I know that it's thrilling and exciting, but for anyone who is like me, it's also super sad - I truly blossomed in college and loved Virginia Tech with everything I had, and I know that leaving the bubble that is Blacksburg (or wherever you go to school) broke my heart! Love that little town.

4. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! Yesterday, we had our Cinco Tres de Mayo potluck at work, and it was a smashing success. Tomorrow is my little sister's "fiesta"-themed bridal shower, and I'm super excited! I'm baking a Tres Leches cake tonight (talk about a recipe experiment) - wish me luck. Perfect excuse for margaritas and Mexican food, which I could basically live off of, if it wouldn't severely impact my diet. Ha! I really think it's going to be a fantastic party, and I hope my sister loves it as much as we have loved planning it! Olé!
[google images]

5. I am running the local May Day 5K on Sunday, and I am determined to blow my previous 5K PR out of the water. I know I can do better! Cross your fingers and toes and wish me good running ju-ju.

Have a great weekend!


Caitlin said...

Good luck on Saturday!! You'll be great!!!

I'm also dying about the little toucan thing. I almost spit out my water at my desk ;)

Lindsay said...

Thanks girl :) funniest email I've received in a while!

Elizabeth said...

I'm shooting for a 9:30 pace! But I will just be happy to finish my first race no matter what the time!

Lindsay said...

We can do it!! I want an under-30 race. If that means 29:59:59, that'll do!! :) So excited to see you & run together!