Friday, May 25, 2012

Five for Friday

I am THRILLED today... because it's the best kind of Friday there is: the Friday before a long weekend. Perfect! A quick "Five for Friday" update it what ya get today - I have tons on the to-do list!


Five for Friday

1. This time tomorrow I will be sitting on the dock by the lake, most likely with a beer in hand, reading a good book. I. Can't. Wait. We have sweet family friends who have a house down at Smith Mountain Lake, near Roanoke, and they are gracious and kind enough to have given us a pretty-much standing open invitation to come down whenever we like. Memorial Day weekend has basically become a tradition, and so we are headed down tonight and will spend the next few days basking in the sunshine, enjoying the slow life. I honestly can't even tell you how excited I am about this - I need to get away. Can't wait for some quality time with friends and family. Hooray!

2. Last night, I took Suzann's CX Works class, and then we were going to go for a run. However, the weather was not working in our favor, and it looked like it was about to downpour any second. We opted for the treadmills instead, and I introduced her to the HIIT workout I did on Tuesday. Let me tell you - she kicked my @ss in her class, and I returned the favor on the treadmill. Ha! Sorry Suz. You know you loved it! After our quick run, there was one more thing we needed...
SweetFrog! A little fro-yo was the perfect ending to the workout, and just the rejuvenation we needed. This stuff is so good. There are no words.
Not mad about this at all. YUM.
3. I didn't have a chance to get to Global Market for fruits and veggies this week, and I have really been missing my usual breakfast and lunch choices. We are just about out of everything at our house. I've been subsisting on strawberries and baby carrots every day - not very interesting... I will definitely be making a trip to the store ASAP!

4. Best news ever: So You Think You Can Dance is back!! This is seriously my favorite "reality" show of all time. The first episode of the season was last night, and it was fantastic! Some seriously talented dancers out there, y'all. Good indicator that it was a great episode: "I forgot how much this show makes you cry." Direct quote from the husband. Typical. Did anyone else watch??
5. Cat update: Mac the Cat is getting a bit braver. /crazier. He is really starting to let his little personality shine, and I think he's getting a bit more comfortable with us. Last night, he joined us for some TV watching:
And then ran around until he tired himself out and needed a stretch:
And then he disappeared to hid behind the dresser upstairs again. C has taken to calling him "Flee" because that's basically what he does all the time - flee! I MUST GET AWAYYYY! We like to narrate his thoughts. It's a lot funnier than it sounds written here... trust me.


And that's all I've got. Have a fantastic weekend! Don't forget to think about what Memorial Day is all about... it's easy to forget between the barbecues, beers, and good times. Happy Friday!

2 comments : said...

I looove sweet frog, hehe. I hope you had a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

SF is ADDICTING! So good :)