Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living on Lake Time

My family and I (minus C, who stayed home - boo!) spent the weekend at Smith Mountain Lake, where some family friends of ours have a sweet house and a great dock with a boat. It's amazing how quickly we all get on "lake time" - the hours pass slowly and the days are long, in a good way. It's a technology-free zone, for the most part... we do all have smart phones and are constantly connected. Other than playing various Pandora stations and taking pictures, though, even the phones are away while we're there. There's nothing on my phone that compares to a good book, a cold beer, and a chair in the sun. The weather was absolutely perfect this weekend, and it was just the getaway that I needed to recharge my batteries.

Probably best to just let the pictures do the talking.

Early morning lake view
Bloody Mary poured straight into a beer bottle.. normal

Lake Life
Not even 10 AM... perfect.
Out on a boat ride
Girls on the dock... Katie, me, and Nat
While there was plenty of indulging (beers, cookies, chips, and delicious Mexican food for dinner), we worked in some time for some healthy stuff, as well. Nat, Roger, and I went out for a run on Saturday morning before it got too hot - however, still might have been the hardest four miles of my life to date. The hills out there around the lake are no joke. In fact, they're more like mountains - I will never complain about running around my neighborhood again. We struggled through three very tough miles, and for the last mile, Nat and I found a flat spot to alternate jogs and sprints (read: she tried to kill me). When we came back in, I actually decided I had to shower before I could lather up with sunscreen and head to the dock - I was just too sweaty to function!

Yesterday morning, we decided a long walk was more in order - so we walked the same hilly path and covered about 3.5 miles. It was still hard! The sauna that is Virginia in the summer was making itself known for the first time yesterday, and it was so sticky out, even at 8 AM! We powered through, though, and got in a few more hours on the dock after that before heading back to NoVa.

Yesterday was the first day of the Runner's World Run Streak, and I've been peer-pressured by some sweet friends into participating. So, I had to get out last night and get my first mile in! I waited til about 8:30 to head out, hoping to beat the heat a bit, but it was still sauna-like. I got in a quick 2.5 miles, and felt surprisingly good the whole time. It was muggy, but my legs were happy to be moving on a relatively flat surface again! It was a great ending to a really wonderful long weekend.

Memorial Day side note: it is so important to remember that freedom is not free, and that so many have made the ultimate sacrifice in order for the rest of us to enjoy our barbecues and beers and time with family and friends. As an Army brat with plenty of military friends, I am extra conscious of this, and so proud of and thankful for all those who have served their country, including my own dad and grandfathers.

Hope everyone had as wonderful a weekend as I did!


It's a short, short week in these parts - just two and a half days in the office for me, because my sister is getting married this weekend!! EEEEEK. My to-do list is long, both at work and at home - the days are going to fly by, and it will be wedding time before we know it. Can't believe we're just days away!

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Caitlin said...

Ah! Yay wedding weekends :) I'm working only two days this week too, because we're off to the OBX for a wedding, too. Glad you enjoyed the lake!!