Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day 5K Race Recap

Let’s start with the most important bit of information here:

Beat my last 5K time by 5 minutes and 18 seconds, and clearly set a huge new PR. I AM SO EXCITED! My only goal for this race was to come in under 30 minutes, and if that meant I finished in 29:59, that would have been fine – but I was in the freaking zone, and amazed myself by doing two full minutes faster than I intended. Thrilled!

To make things even better, I got something else pretty sweet:

That’s right – a medal! Turns out, I came in 2nd in my age group in the women’s division. Whoda thunk it?! Me. Of all people. A medal! I was the 12th overall female finisher, and 2nd in girls ages 20-29. So proud of myself!

My splits are a bit off, because I started the app before I actually crossed the starting line so that I didn't have to mess with it as I was taking off. So my distance is a little longer, and my pace is a bit different, but it's cool. The thing about this that I find most interesting is that I actually got faster with each passing mile! I definitely felt like it was the opposite way around - apparently I was wrong!

I had so much fun running this race, which is really something I never thought I’d say. This was the first race that Caity, Lizzy, and I ran together, and it was really awesome knowing that my friends were there with me. I keep saying it: everything is better with friends! It’s amazing how a little bit of support can push you to go a little further and a little faster. We all ended up in the “sub-club” with times under 30 minutes – even Lizzy, in her very first race! I am so dang proud of her. I had to laugh, because I’m pretty sure the first 5K I ever did was more like 40 minutes that 30 – she has been training on her own and came home to race with us, and I’m so glad she did! I loved getting the chance to see her and share my new-found love(ish) of running.

Pre-race pic: my running buddies and me, plus Lauren
Post-race pic: sweaty thumbs up for the sub-club!
Pros and cons of this race:
  • Pro: Course was on the streets of my neighborhood, so I was used to the route
  • Con: Most of it was the hillier part of the neighborhood, so that was rough
  • Pro: Ended on a sharp downhill, which I sprinted, so that helped my time!
  • Con: Didn't get the right size T-shirt, even though I pre-registered. Boo.
  • Pro: Weather was cooler than it had been the previous few days, with significantly less humidity
  • Con: Rain! It was misting in the morning, and then started to sprinkle just a bit at the beginning. It wasn't a huge issue, and I preferred it to being humid and gross, but it was weird for me because I've never raced in the rain.
  • Pro: Lots of food and water available afterwards, and no lines for porta-potties!
My parents came and walked the race, and Lizzy's parents came and were cheering for us about halfway through the race. It was fun to have people to wave to who knew our names! Lizzy's mom hosted a fabulous brunch for us after the race - such a sweet treat. I'm pretty sure that none of us were even talking until after we ate - the only sounds to be heard were the ones of us wolfing down eggs, bacon, french toast, and mimosas. Yum!

My parents and I after the race
My little walker, Lauren. Good job girl!
So proud of us and how fit we are these days!
Receiving my medal!
The May Day 5K was a definite success. The Ridge Runners put on a good race. I'm looking forward to participating in their events in the future.  Lizzy, Caity, and I are already planning our next races together - there will definitely be some updates to the Races page!


Elizabeth said...

love that medal shot!

Caitlin said...

Amazing!! Congrats on a GREAT PR! You have a lot to be proud of! :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks for running with me! So excited for the next one already :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I still think we should do a race together, even though you will leave me in the dust since you & Courtney are the speediest people I know! haha

Caitlin said...

Ah--I'm just now seeing this. Yes!! That would be so fun!! Ally Raines and I are looking at running this one in July: It's a twilight 8k! Let me know if you want to do it--I think prices go up soon.