Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Right as Rain.

It has been downright soggy around the DC area the past few days. We have been getting a ton of rain! There was even thunder that was so loud it woke me up around 4 AM this morning – and that rarely happens. Trust me, I’ve been putting my bubble-gum pink rain boots to good use. A number of people in my office have complimented me on them, though – I think a little bright pink is good for improving employee morale. 

In honor of the wet weather, I’ve put together a sweet playlist on Spotify – it’s called Rainy Day Music (so creative, I know) and you can listen to it, too! It’s a collection of songs with “rain” in the title or rain-related lyrics. Even if the weather is foul, we can still jam out! This playlist is a variety of genres, artists, decades, and styles. It’s about two hours’ worth of music, total – pick and choose your favorites, or listen to the whole thing! I believe that you do have to have Spotify to actually use the playlist – but it’s pretty easy to sign up for an account and download the program! Let me know if you have any issues.

Rainy weather tends to lead me to one of two mind-sets when it comes to exercise: either I want to do something SUPER active and high-energy to get me out of the funk, or I want to do something calm and quiet. Ok let’s be real – what I really want to do is get into sweatpants, lie on the couch, pile on blankets, and eat comfort foods. That’s the best-sounding option. However, the times when you really don’t want to work out are the generally the times when you really, really should. Trust me – even just 30 minutes makes a difference, and you’ll feel so much better being a couch potato after you’ve been active for a bit! So get up and get out and do something. That’s my PSA for the day, folks.

Back to my options – high energy, or low energy, that’s it. No middle-ground workout for me on rainy days!

My high-energy choice is something like a Body Pump class (which is what I did last night), where the instructor is going to turn up the jams and shout encouraging things and do everything she can to get my blood pumping. I want something to make me forget how gross it is outside, and rev up those endorphins to get me through the grey weather. A group exercise class is a great way to do this, because you get to soak up the energy of everyone else in the class with you!

My low-energy choice is usually a yoga class. There is something so soothing and calming about doing yoga on a rainy afternoon – the gentle music, dim lights, and warm room are like a big exercise blanket, and it’s such a better option for me than an actual blanket (and the snacks that come with it!). After an hour of yoga, I can go back out into the rain feeling refreshed, and I find that I’m able to better appreciate the positive aspects of the rain, like the sounds and the smells. It’s easy to forget how great the rain is when you’re a soggy commuter on a steamy train with a dripping umbrella and frizzy hair (which was me today, obvi). It’s nice to remind myself to look on the bright side!

My plan for today is to try my HIIT workout from last week again, and actually complete the 30-minute version instead of having to cut it short. I’ll probably follow that with the 30-minute abs & back class offered at the gym. I think the HIIT will be just the ticket to get me through the last of the rain that’s coming our way. By the time I’m done, I should be dripping with sweat, rather than dripping with rain. Perfect!

What do you do to get through a few rainy days? Favorite wet-weather workout?  Any suggestions for my Rainy Day Mix? If you’re in the DC area, stay dry!

(Note: OF COURSE, right as I'm about to post this, the sun has come out and is shining brilliantly. Of course! Oh well. Enjoy, anyway!)

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