Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey there, June!

Happy first day of June! Can you believe summer is just about upon us? The months are absolutely flying by this year - can't believe 2012 is almost halfway over!

It's a busy day around these parts - preparations are well underway for my sister's wedding tomorrow! My mom & I went and got massages first thing this morning - let me tell you, it was SO necessary. I told the girl working on me that my right shoulder had been feeling extra tight, and that my knees were hurting a bit lately, and she went to town on me. Hurt so good! Every time she rubbed out a knot in my shoulder, she found another... the 50 minutes flew by! My sister spent the afternoon getting pampered at another salon in town, and I hope she enjoyed her personal time as much as my mom and I did.

I've been in a cleaning frenzy all afternoon, trying to get the house ready to have people here. My (almost) brother-in-law and his groomsmen are getting ready here tomorrow, and I want everything to be spic & span - in tip-top shape! So it's been a tornado of cleaning products and country music and laundry going.

A huge thunderstorm is rolling through right now, but everything is supposed to clear up & be perfect for tomorrow. Cross your fingers! We need sunshine and good times. I'm hoping the rain clears up soon so I can go get my mile-a-day in for the #RWRunStreak. I've done so well so far... we will ignore the fact that it's only been four days so far. Still going strong!

Have a wonderful weekend!


C & I went to Groovin' in the Garden at Lewis-Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond last night with his family. Carbon Leaf was playing, and so we went and ate dinner at an awesome BBQ joint and then saw the concert! It was a great way to spend the evening. I think we'll keep an eye on what other concerts they have this summer!

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