Thursday, June 7, 2012

P-C-P: National Running Day

So, National Running Day was yesterday. I mentioned it yesterday, but... let's go back. I'd like to address it sorority-girl style, using the "Pro Con Pro" [P-C-P] system (always end on a positive! yay!) for my thoughts. Because why the hell not.

Disclaimer: there are no drugs in this post. Obvi.

Anyway. Here we go:

Pro: I spent the whole day thinking about the run I was going to do last night. I was freaking excited. I was rarin' to go by the time I got home from work, changed as quick as I could while my phone charged a bit, tuned into some Sugarland (AKA my favorite band, ever), and hit the road to get in some good miles. WHEE!
Con: Umm.. it was perhaps the worst run of my life. Everything hurt. Everything was hard. I stopped almost every 1/2 mile to stretch my legs, hoping that would help. It didn't. I stopped at my parents' for a glass of water. I almost had my mom just drive me home. Seriously - I almost had my mom drive me home. But I did not. I slugged along, and got in 5 1/2 very, very hard miles. I wanted to cry. Instead I had Chipotle for dinner. Sigh.
Pro: I REGISTERED FOR A HALF MARATHON YESTERDAY. No, really. Don't worry, it's almost a year away. Plenty of time to prepare. Mwahaha. Specifically, the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, taking place next April, which is part of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series. Lizzy, Caity, & I signed up together, and I am already freaking out/super excited. Cue this series of tweets:

Typical. As for the three of us, we may be are a little bit crazy. And a little too excited about a race that is more than 10 months away. Don't judge.

How'd your NRD go? Anything worth mentioning? Can you P-C-P it? Sometimes it's hard to get that final "pro" in... I understand!


Caitlin said...

The Pro-Con-Pro thing literally made me crack up and flash back to long chapters (slash recruitment) in the house... ohhhhh memoriessss :)

Lindsay said...

Now if only I could have worked in a few key adjectives... three for each person, please! Let's just say this - my run yesterday was "coarse." Remember that one? Mwahaha <3

Ianni said...

I had no idea that it was national running day until I saw your post. It was one of my rest days in training but I had to go clock at least two miles. I went home did some hasty stretching and set out. I almost did 5 miles (my run for the following day) just to get it out of the way. I am glad I didn't; I was wearing all cotton in 100% humidity. I love running

Caitlin said...

I wish I could subscribe to the replies. HAHAHA COARSE. Please tell me you remember "Shades". I'll leave it at that. :)

Lindsay said...

Glad I could alert you to such an important "holiday"!! The thought of all cotton in 100% humidity makes me want to throw up.