Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend! Part 1

They did it! 
My little sister is officially a Mrs. & I have a brand-new brother (in-law)!
Behold... the powers of Instagram.
Favorite <3
It was a whirlwind wedding weekend, that's for sure - and therefore, a whirlwind recap is definitely in order. Let's go back...
Friday night we rehearsed in a monsoon. In between monstrous bouts of pouring rain, and ignoring the tornado warnings that were being issued, we quickly ran through the sequence of events and figured out who should sit where and which rock each person should stand on.
Check out that sweet ribbon bouquet shield I made!
Just as it started to rain again, we called it quits and headed to the rehearsal dinner. They'd made reservations at an amazing restaurant called Pane e Vino. It's an Italian restaurant with food that is just incredible - I splurged and had lasagna! It was just too good to pass up. The wine was flowing, pictures were taken, presents were handed out, and I had tiramisu for dessert - talk about good!
My grandma & my aunt
Nat & bridesmaids... typical.
My grandma, my aunt, and my mom
Nat gifted me with SPF 100 - don't want to burn that pale skin during the wedding! ha.

After dinner, the boys headed to Roger's parents' house for the night, and the girls headed back to Nat's house with her for the night. We were all asleep pretty early... we had a big day ahead!

Saturday morning we woke up early, and Nat, Caity, & I headed out for a pre-wedding run! Just a short little trip around the neighborhood, but enough to get our blood pumping & get us feeling ready for the day! The girls all headed off in separate directions to gather up things for the day, and Nat & I did what we usually do: made Bloody Marys!
Before we knew it, it was time to head to the salon for hair and makeup.
We call this look her "Martha Washington" hair -- too funny!
A ring on everyone's finger :)
We left the salon and headed out to get dressed for the ceremony. When everyone was ready, we took a few "before" pictures...
And then a few silly ones, just for good measure:

And then it was wedding time! Which I believe shall be continued in another post, as this one is getting to be a BIT much. I guess I'm not leaving you hanging too much, as I did already tell you that they did get married, after all! Tune in soon to see what happened next!

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