Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend! Part 2

When I left off, it was go time - hair was curled, makeup was applied, dresses were on, and it was time to go. Let the wedding begin! The bridesmaids and I headed off to meet up with our groomsmen, and as the music began, we headed down the aisle. I got myself in place just in time to see my sister and my dad heading towards us.

Doesn't she look beautiful?? And my dad cleans up pretty well, too. I may or may not have been tearing up already. What can ya do?

The ceremony was short and sweet, and full of personal touches - just the way Nat & Roger wanted it. Next thing we knew, they were married! And it was time to party.

The following are the only pictures I have from the rest of the night, because my phone battery was absolutely dead. Story of my life. I think that's probably for the best, though... better not to have photo evidence (at least not yet - who knows what the actual photographer captured! ha!) - memories, or lack thereof, will do just fine.

Nat & Roger listening to the toasts
My sorority family together again <3
Obligatory blurry bathroom picture. Love this.
The reception was a blast, and I slept in my bridesmaid dress that night - I think that says all that needs to be said about that!

Sunday morning my parents had a brunch at their house for the out-of-town guests and anyone who wanted to come over while the newlyweds opened presents and visited a little more. I pulled the 75 (no, really) bobby pins out of my hair, washed out a ton of hairspray, and threw on a sundress. That was about as pulled-together as I could get. Mom & Nat looked great, though!

Sunday afternoon, after very much needed Taco Bell & a Coke Slurpee (hangover-curing food, clearly) & a short nap,we kept the party going - Nat, Roger, Lauren, and I all headed to WMZQFest! We met up with my friend Michelle, drank some beers, and listened to some great music.

Miranda Lambert was the featured act this year, and we just couldn't miss it. We were all pretty drained though, and since the next day was Monday, we headed home early. I basically face-planted into bed and didn't move for eight hours. Necessary.

Monday I worked from home (possibly my best idea ever), so I called into a meeting in the morning and got a few things done the rest of the day, before heading out for some groceries. After a weekend full of indulging myself, it was high time to get some fruit and veggies in my life. Global Foods to the rescue!

All this for $30!
I ran to the gym to get my miles in for #RWRunStreak, and then tried to kill myself at BodyPump - almost couldn't walk yesterday. Whoops. Might have gone a bit too hard after missing that class for 10 days! C & I threw together some killer fish tacos for dinner - seriously, we are the masters of fish tacos. Be jealous. Someday I will teach you my ways! (Which I actually learned from my mother, but whatever.)

We capped off the long weekend with some much-needed couch & mindless TV time - I think I'm going to need a lot of that to recover fully! It was well-worth it, though. I'm so proud of my little sister, and so excited for her to begin this next adventure, the next phase of her life. Congratulations, Natty! Welcome to married life. As far as I can tell, nothing really changes... hopefully every day is just better than the last. Love you!
Today is National Running Day! How do you plan to celebrate? I think a good run is in order tonight, clearly! I'm already looking forward to putting on my sneakers, playing some good music, and hitting the road. Why do you run?

Oftentimes when I'm running, I find myself thinking about the people who can't run - people who aren't healthy enough, who are sick or injured, people who have passed away who loved running, people who don't have the choice to put on their shoes and go out for a mile or ten. I think about those people, and it always pushes me to go a little farther, or a little faster - or even just to get out and DO the run. I run because I can, and I run for the people who can't. What's stopping you? Today is a great day to get out and start!

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Caitlin said...

The wedding pictures are gorgeous! Congrats to you and your fam :)

I actually have that same thought when I'm running. Once you're injured once, you realize how great it is when you can actually run :). Although, I did kick it up too many notches on the treadmill a few days ago and I told myself "Don't be cocky or you'll get injured". Kind of the same principle.

Keeping the run streak alive and well! :)