Friday, July 20, 2012

Nashville: The Sights

First things first - my heart, thoughts, and prayers are with the people of Aurora, Colorado, today, as they are reeling in those first few uncertain hours after a horrible, unthinkable thing has happened. I can empathize. Maybe say a prayer today, if that's your thing. Hug your loved ones today, for sure.
I promise that eating wasn't the only thing we did in Nashville... we played major tourists and saw some of the big attractions that the city has to offer. It's rare that we go on a vacation without an agenda, and can just do whatever we felt like. It was fun to throw around the options and settle on the things that made each of us happy.

As I mentioned before, pretty much the only weather we saw in Nashville was rain. While that wasn't ideal for our trip, we made the best of it, and found our way to some great indoor things. There is so much to offer that we were never in the rain unless we wanted to be! Ha. Here's what we did... **warning: iPhone-picture heavy post ahead!**

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The CMHoF is the kind of place where a person could go and spend eight hours, or go and spend one hour, depending on how into you are. I think we were there for about four before we were just too hungry and needed to find lunch. I definitely could have stayed longer, but I still feel like I got my money's worth out of the ticket price. I loved seeing all the memorabilia and learning about the long history of country music!

The inside of the building is beautiful!
Construction where the museum is being expanded
The Grand Ole Opry

C & I took a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry, and I loved every minute of it! I am such a sucker for things where you get to "be where the stars are," and I had a blast looking at the dressing rooms, bathrooms, lounge area, and hallways that the Opry members (mainly my #1 girl, Carrie) get to use. I may or may not have turned to C and whispered, "CARRIE HAS BEEN IN THIS HALLWAY!" at one point. Do not judge.

There is such an amazing, deep-rooted history to the Opry, and any country music fan knows it. It was a sweet experience, and I am so glad that we chose to do this while we were there!

So excited!
On the stage!
The circle is unbroken!
This is the 6-foot wooden circle taken from the original Opry floor,
rescued & reinstalled after the floods, that all the performers stand on. Amazing!

General Jackson Showboat

One night that we were there, we got SUPER touristy and booked tickets on the General Jackson Showboat! This is a showboat with dinner and a music show that takes passengers on a 4 hour tour of the Cumberland River. While rather cheesy, it was a lot of fun! We had a good dinner, got some great views of the city that we wouldn't have otherwise, and enjoyed a musical show to boot. Not something I'd want to do over and over, but definitely a fun experience for one night.

We also saw the Bridgestone Arena, where the Nashville Predators play (can't go anywhere without a little hockey in our lives).

And pretty architecture in Downtown Nashville:

I could have spent so much more time there! There is so much to see and do - never a boring moment. C & I collect Christmas ornaments whenever we travel places, and we added some really cool ones to our collection at the Opry and the Hall of Fame. We will definitely have lasting memories of this fun trip!


Elizabeth said...

I have one of those pictures of myself pointing at the Grand Ole Opry House sign, too! Can't wait to go back there with ya in April 2013!

PS this long-awaited comment comes to you courtesy of Adam's laptop and Google Chrome (wondering if Safari was the prob?)

Lindsay said...

OMG can't wait to be back there with my frands - we are going to have a BLAST, I don't doubt it! Seriously considering extending the trip by a day or two... May need to discuss!

And MHEERRRRRRR.... no idea what the comment issue was. Thanks for being so diligent :-D

ThatGuy said...

Jazz hands in every photo