Friday, July 13, 2012

Surprise! A Guest Post

Happy Friday! I'm still honky-tonkin' it up in Nash-Vegas, but never fear! I've got you covered. Today's post is a real treat... it's a guest post from my BFF! I've mentioned my L2 plenty of times before, but this is the first time I'm letting her dip her blogging toes into the world of Typically Late. I hope you enjoy her post! Leave her a comment if you feel so inclined, or visit her blog, which she links to at the end. Have a great weekend!


Hi everyone!

When Lindsay asked me (via text at 5:42 AM the day before she left) to do a guest post while she was in Nashville, I jumped at the opportunity. It can’t be that hard to do one blog post, right? I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get started. Fast forward about five minutes, and I realized I had no idea what to write. Lindsay is the writer in our little best friend relationship, while I have assumed the role of comic relief. Typically I’m not even trying to be funny, but I end up in ridiculous situations or say stupid things without really thinking about it. One thing I am good at though – amusing pictures in Microsoft Paint, and semi-homemade birthday cards.
True love - Sorry C!
C's birthday card this year
 Anyway, here goes nothing….

My husband and I have been married almost one year now (shout-out: Hi Nick!) and I have this secret ultimate dream of being a Martha Stewart-esque housewife. You know, that cooking/cleaning/crafting/creative extraordinaire who can whip up a five course meal, build the table the dinner is served on, and maintain a spotless household without breaking a sweat. In reality, I am more Paris Hilton than Martha.  In fact, it has taken the dog about a year to stop sprinting up the stairs as soon as I walk into the kitchen (I had a weekly habit of setting off the smoke alarm for a while – one new non-sensitive smoke alarm later, and I’m back in business.)

Lindsey + Stove = Smoke Alarm
To kick off this domestic goddess adventure, I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas two years ago. Two years later, I have brushed the dust off the box and actually opened it. It may have taken close to three hours and several YouTube videos to learn how to thread the machine, but I got there in the end. Now came the hard part – finding a project I could actually do. Forget learning the basics and the different stitches, I was ready to make stuff. I was positive I would be a natural at sewing and would be making my own clothes in a matter of weeks…watch your back, Christian Siriano.

See how clean and perfect it is? That's because I haven't used it...
I Googled my way through the sewing blogs and found a manageable tutorial - the One-Hour Skirt by Brett Bara. I didn’t have high hopes for the result, so rather than use extra fabric making the skirt for myself, I thought making a child-sized skirt would be more economical. Do I have a child? No. Do I have a fur child? In fact I do! Meet my pride and joy, Lily.

Lily-bear, as she is known around our house
Much to her dismay, she has served as a model for my sewing works of genius. I went through the One-Hour Skirt video, had Nick teach me how to iron (the tutorial required ironing the seams and let’s be honest; I’ve never properly ironed in my life), and ta-da! The final result:

Blue Steel

I am actually quite pleased with myself about this! One small step for Lindsey, one giant leap for mankind. Next stop- my own talk show.

Shameless plug alert: I admire Lindsay’s blog so much that I have decided to start one of my own. When I say I JUST started it, I actually mean I just started it – two days ago. There’s not much on there yet, but this baby is going to be awesome. You can find me at From Virginia With Love. Follow along with me, my husband, and our dog while we navigate the newlywed waters and I attempt to achieve my goal of becoming a domestic diva. Check it out!



Ashley said...

ahahahahahahaha this was great

Caitlin said...

Alright Lindsay, you're up next... time to start making skirts for Mac? I think you guys have something here ;)

Lindsay said...

Typical, right? haha

Lindsay said...

I'm sitting here trying to picture putting a skirt (or any type of clothing) on my crazy cat..... I don't see that going well for me or for him. HA!