Tuesday, August 7, 2012

25 for 25 Update

Given that my 25th year is a little more than halfway two-thirds (what the heck!) over, I thought it would be a good time to check in on the progress of my 25 for 25. I've been greatly successful with some of my goals, and with others, notsomuch. Good thing I've got plenty of time to work on these things! I'm pretty pleased with how the year is going so far, though. 25 is doing alright by me!

The Update

1. Read 12 books (1/month) – fail. I’m in the middle of approximately six different books right now, but just can’t seem to finish any of them!

2. Go to the gym (or exercise somehow) 4+ days per week – success! I’m averaging 5-6 days a week, at least since I started recording on my Fitness Log.

3. Cook 24 new recipes - things I've never made at all, not just changes (2/month) – erm. Not sure on this one. I’ve made quite a few new things, but I’m not sure it’s been the 14 new recipes that it should be if I were on track. Must do better!

Some of the things I've made so far:
I need to get myself back in the kitchen to experiment - I've been sticking with my "safe" recipes, and that completely goes against the goal. This week I'm making chipotle black bean burgers - how's that for branching out?

4. Create my recipe book/compilation – fail.

5. Increase savings by $7000 – well, we bought a car… so needless to say, this one is not going quite as well as we hoped.

6. Visit three places I’ve never been – one down! Our trip to Nashville last month was a big one. I'm working on getting some other things scheduled - like a trip to visit a sweet friend in a few weeks! 

7. Blog/write regularly (at least 2x/week) – success! I’ve been doing quite well keeping up with this business. Gold star.

8. Take a vacation with C that is somewhere neither of us have been – done! Nashville killed two birds with one stone. And we loved it!

9. Watch 12 new movies – Done! And I'm pretty sure we've probably seen more than 12, but here are the ones I can think of off the top of my head:
  • The Ides of March
  • 50/50
  • War Horse
  • Moneyball
  • The Vow
  • Safehouse
  • Hunger Games
  • The Avengers
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Ted
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • Prometheus
We love watching movies, both new-in-theaters and new-to us, which is why this list is a mix of both. We make good use of our Netflix subscription!

10. Sort, organize, and give away all the things I intended to when we moved in – this is a work in progress. We have done well with cleaning out some clothes and some other random things, but there is definitely more that could be recycled.

11. Get to my goal weight – Pretty dang close. It’s been a long road, but I’ve been doing really well this year. I know this goal is not very specific, but that’s something I prefer to keep personal (for now, at least).

12. Increase my “usual” weight for all exercises at the gym – done – except for one track! I just can’t seem to increase my bicep weight and keep it up successfully. Weak little arms!

13. Run two racesdone. I've actually done three already this year, and I'm registered for three more before the year is over! I am so pleased with myself regarding this goal - I had no idea that this would be the year I'd become a runner.

14. Finish the office – nope. The office has turned into the cat room, and still has a ways to go.

15. Plan a fun outing with my mom and my sister – not yet! But something this fall, hopefully.

16. Send 12 pieces of “just because” mail – About halfway. I’ve sent a few cards and packages. Need to do more!

17. Have a dinner party – we had a great party for C’s birthday! I’d like to have another, though, a “just because” party.

18. Go to all the Smithsonian museums (again) (the major ones) – big time fail. Haven't been to any!

19. Bake the perfect cake for each of my family members’ birthdays. Success! (ish) – baked an amazing one for C’s birthday [which I proclaimed the best cake ever], but not for my mom – she didn’t want cake! I did make a yummy berries-and-ice-cream dessert, though. I've got an idea for a German Chocolate cake for my dad this month - sure to be an adventure!

20. Craft something for each holiday without spending a lot of money/decorate for cheap – I made a cute wreath for Valentine’s Day, and I found some fun, cheap decorations for St. Patrick’s Day on sale at Michael’s. As far as the other holidays have gone, though, we’ve been basically decoration-less. Whoops. But decoration-less is cheap, too….

21. Pay off credit cards – one paid off and closed! The other, not so much. But we have made plans in this area, so we’re doing ok.

22. Make a wedding album and hang wedding prints – no and no. My sister made us a wedding album, but I’d like to make another with more pictures. I printed and framed a few pictures, but have plans for a gallery wall. Hasn’t happened yet.

23. Plant a garden of something and maintain it long enough to produce something – I attempted to plant herbs… didn’t go so well. We do have mint and basil, though! I think I planted too late in the season. Sad. Not enough mint or basil to actually do anything with, but pretty sturdy little plants nonetheless.

24. Learn something new (what is TBD) - honestly, I'm not sure where I stand on this one yet. I've learned a lot I think, especially about fitness, working out, running, and the likes, as well as how to eat healthier and take better care of myself. I was picturing this to be a bit more of a concrete goal, though - I want to actually take a class or something. We'll consider this one to be "in progress."

25. Go wine-tasting – check! We’ve been to Tarara twice now (April and July), and had a blast. We also found ourselves at Old House Vineyards after C's cousin's baby shower in June. We have been talking about doing a multi-winery tour in the fall. That sounds like so much fun!

Writing this post has been a great reminder of all the things I set out to do this year - I see some new recipes in my future, and I'm definitely going to try to finish some of the books I've started! I've got a little over four months left of my 25th year (holy cow, really?!) and I know I can cross a few more things off this list!


Caitlin said...

Yay for 25 by 25! I was laughing about how your office has turned into a cat room... our second bedroom has turned into an office, but really the cats use it more than we do. #catladyproblems? I also have trouble with the biceps track! Grrrrr! We'll get there girl!

Lindsay said...

By "office," I mean "room that has a desk in it and kitty toys and a litter box and a cat bed and blah blah blah...." #catladyproblems for SURE.

I feel like this particular biceps track is HARD - maybe it's just that I loathe that Nickelback song so much?... ha.

ty said...

I need to make one of these, but mine will have to be 30 by 30 :) I'm loooong past 25, haha.

I found you through the Pi Phi link, I'm your newest follower!

Lindsay said...

Any time is a good time for a list ;) it was surprisingly hard to come up with the 25 though! Not sure I could handle 30. HA!

Welcome! Your blog is so fun. Fingers crossed RE: the bar! I have a friend in PA anxiously awaiting her results.

PPL! :)

Caitlin said...

Uhhh I did it again this morning and I just get P.O.ed during it. I didn't even think that it was the song! THATS totally my excuse now. Also, the squats track is killer--in a good way? I had to go down in weight today (finally gave in), but I think it was a good thing! I keep hearing people complain about the lunge track and how they don't like it/it's too high impact? I love it!