Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Killer Cardio & THE Tweet

Yesterday, I was looking for a little change-up for the gym (I did BodyPump on Sunday afternoon, and didn’t want to do it two days in a row, as my lower back has been hurting  a bit [sad face]) and came across a recent post from the Fitnessista with a cardio routine  she dubbed the Triple Threat Cardio Workout. Seemed simple enough, so I printed it out and took it to the gym with me.

Part one is on the treadmill. Part two is on the StairMaster. Part three is on the elliptical. I should note that I really only ever use the treadmill. I used to use the elliptical when it was cool to be a sorority girl on an elliptical reading a magazine buuuuut…. I quickly got over that phase of my life. (And for good reason... I'm not really coordinated enough to read and move, and the elliptical is not really as fun as it seems.) So, this was two machines that were relatively foreign to me.
Let me tell ya – those two machines kicked my booty. It was cardio in a totally different way than I am used to! Reminding me once again to step outside my comfort zone and try something new every now and again. I was a gross, dripping mess by the time I was finished. I promptly did what any good blogger/social media addict does, and tweeted a picture of myself, running mascara and crazy hair and all, and credited the Fitnessista for such a great workout.
End of story.
The most important part of the story is the end: THE FITNESSISTA RESPONDED TO ME. No, really. The one and only!

This officially made my day (week? Month?) – not even ashamed to admit it. In my head, we are now best friends and she will be my personal trainer and I will have a kick-ass body like she does. I now consider myself basically famous. And creepy. But that is neither here nor there.

I think it's so great when the big bloggers take time to see who is commenting, or tweeting, or trying to interact with them, and then take the time to actually respond. It's encouraging to those of us who are small in the social media scheme, as well as those of us who are dripping with sweat thanks to a great workout that someone else took the time to put together. I like people who feel and seem like normal people. Normal people are good.

I'll add this one to the list for my cardio rotations - definitely going to be doing it again!


Caitlin said...

Boo for lower back pain after pump! :( This brings out the inner "form police".. make sure you are sticking your butt out so far that it feels awkward (yes, i just said that, whatever :)), and i actually found that locking your core helps a lot--this also feels SO weird at first but it helps protect it. If you're already doing that (which I'm sure you are because you're a Body Pump pro :), I wish I could help more! I hate lower back pain :(.

I'm going to try this one ASAP--maybe in place of that one I sent you for Thursday. If only we could all get shoutouts from the fitnessista herself. :)

Alright this comment is ridiculously long. I'm out!

Anna said...

Awesome on all levels, I'll have to try this workout tomorrow. And don't worry, I was one of those sorority girls as well... I've recently gotten back on the elliptical, but this time with no magazines!

Lindsay said...

Did you try it?? Hope you liked it! We did some silly things as sorority girls, didn't we? ha :)

Lindsay said...

Schmmmerrrrrr I'm pretty good about my posture and form - this isn't so much pain as it is some stiffness and tightness that I'm feeling where my spine meets my sacrum. It's more like my L4-5 vertebrae, and I don't know why! I need a massage......... :)