Friday, August 17, 2012


Happy Friday!

I am finishing up at work, then headed out of town for the weekend with my mama... we're off to see a very special friend of mine: Ashley!

We'll be visiting this girl and her sweet little family for the weekend in Fayetteville! Ashley is my grandbig from my sorority (my big sister's big sister - fun fact: L2 is my big sister), and we have been the closest of friends since pretty much the first day we met. After she graduated, she ran off and got married and popped out the CUTEST twin boys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing (...there haven't been many, but they are still definitely the cutest), and I have been promising to visit for a long time now but haven't made it happen! We are remedy-ing that this weekend. There will be toddler soccer practice, wine, and lots of fun to be had - hooray!

Have a great weekend!


Caitlin said...

Have so much fun! :) Safe travels!

Lisa said...

Whoot! You're in my neck of the woods. Hope it's a great trip.

Lindsay said...

Thanks! :)

Lindsay said...

We had such a great time! Seems like a really nice place to live. :)