Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pilates in the Pavilion

On Sunday, Lindsey and I went to Pilates in the Pavilion, hosted by Potomac River Running and Reston Pilates. We had so much fun!

The pavilion at Reston Town Center houses an ice skating rink in the winter, but during the summer, it’s just a big open area – perfect for pilates! We showed up with our water bottles and yoga mats, not really knowing what we were in for. It turned out to be a great experience!

I’ve never done pilates before that class, only yoga, but figured it couldn’t be too much different – wrong! It was not the same at all. It was a great core workout, and I definitely felt it the next day!

The girls teaching the class were great. They were great at explaining each move, both how to do it and how it was helpful, and they explained a lot about the benefits of pilates, especially for runners. They came around and gently helped with positioning if they noticed anything wrong, which I love – I find it so much more helpful for someone to actually help me get into the correct position, rather than just allow me to keep doing it incorrectly. That’s not a good way to learn. I know there are people who don't like to be touched during yoga and pilates, but I truly find it more helpful.

What really helped make the class so great was  the weather – it was about 75 and clear skies, with almost no humidity. Unheard of for Virginia in August, but perfect for an outdoor fitness class!
So far, this class was a one-time deal, but Lindsey and I both said that we’d like to do it again if ever offered. It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with a friend! And the Panera right there in the shopping center didn’t hurt – iced coffee was the perfect refreshment when class was done.

Meant to take a picture of Linds and I together to document that we were there... but failed. Oops.


Lisa said...

Looks like fun! The pilates studio here in town closed, so I have a bunch of pilates DVDs I do at home.

Lindsay said...

I've never done yoga or pilates DVDs... I just can't wrap my brain around doing them in my house by myself. I love the atmosphere of being in a studio! Maybe there are classes offered at the YMCA or something like that?