Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'Cause Freedom Don't Come Free*

I thought about writing a post this morning about 9/11, and expound on my feelings about those events and the past 11 years – but when I opened up that blank page, it seemed that the words just wouldn’t come.

All morning, I’ve been reading tweets and Facebook statuses and instagrams about how “we will never forget” and how we “always remember 9/11” and “where I was when” – and I know that all that is true. I know that people won’t ever forget, and that everyone will always remember exactly where they were when it happened. And so, it seems redundant to say so here. There is no way that anyone can forget about the day that changed everything, even eleven long years ago.  My generation, in particular, is one that really doesn’t know anything but an America at war. We were in grade school when 9/11 happened; we were just starting to pick up on politics and world events and becoming aware of major events that impact us without personally impacting us.  We know, eleven years later, that the world as we know it exists because of what happened that day. There is no way we can forget.

Use today as a reminder to say a prayer, hug your loved ones, and appreciate the little things around you. It can all be taken away so quickly. I am forever grateful for the heroes – the soldiers, the civilians, the first responders – who run in when everyone else runs out, and who work so hard to protect the freedoms that we have as Americans. I am so proud to live in this country, and call myself a citizen of these great United States.

*American Soldier, Toby Keith

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