Friday, September 28, 2012

Five for Friday - A Twist!

In a twist on my usual completely random "Five for Friday," I've decided to have a theme this week. Allow me to present to you the Five for Friday: Things I Can't Live Without - Sports Edition. (That's an awkwardly long, awkwardly formal title. This is the shit I need for the gym/running. Obvi.)

Five for Friday
Things I Can't Live Without - Sports Edition

1. My shoes. I have three four five pairs of athletic shoes in my closet right now. (Well that's slightly embarrassing.) I rotate through three pairs for the most part - a pair of  random Nikes (don't know what they are) that are lightweight and stable for BodyPump class, a pair of Shox for random free-weights/whatever days, and a pair of Brooks Glycerin 9s for running. I'm on my second pair of Glycerins, and I really love them. They're the shoes that were recommended to me at the VA Runner store in my area, and they have worked beautifully for me for the last 10 months! Apparently they are currently on sale, and I'm thinking perhaps I should invest in pair number 3... hmmmm.

[Brooks - Glycerin 9]
2. My pants. The infamous Suzann (my running buddy) recently introduced me to Lucy. I am in love. They have amazing clothes! I bought two pairs of pants from them - the Hatha crops and the X-Training Knee Pants - and I pretty much want to live in them. So comfortable! Great for running, group classes, yoga, everything.

[Lucy X-Training Knee Pants]
I also have a couple of pairs of crops from Under Armour that I love, and some ColdGear compression pants from UA that I wear in the winter. All are equally fantastic.

3. My shorts. This is definitely a different category from #2. Like so many other people out there, I love Nike Tempo Shorts. I don't really love the price, so I pretty much just rotate through the pairs I have, or else buy a few if I find them at a great sale price. Tempo shorts are another item that are great for lots of things - running, weight lifting, errands... totally fine.

[Nike Tempo Shorts]
4. My shirts. The Under Armour Charged Cotton Sassy Scoop T-Shirt is hands-down the best workout shirt ever. I have six of them. I would like to have 16. The Charged Cotton fabric is fantastic. It's light-weight, four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and I absolutely adore them. This shirt is thin without being see-through, even when I'm wearing the white one with a neon sports bra and drenched in sweat. That is a sign of greatness. Seriously!

[Under Armour Charged Cotton Sassy Scoop Tee]
5. My socks. As any runner or high-intensity athlete knows, socks are super important. Socks can make or break a workout. My absolute favorite brand of athletic socks will probably come as a surprise - they're from Old Navy. Seriously. I only have three pairs, and I ALWAYS want to buy more, and I ALWAYS forget. (Shocking. From the girl who regularly goes to the grocery store for "one thing" and comes home with five bags and not the "one thing.") They are truly the best socks I have though, and my favorites for running in. They're thick but not too thick, and they don't get weird and squishy when sweaty like some socks do. AND I've had my pairs for I-don't-know-how-long, and they've never gotten weirdly stretched out or pilly. Also, they're low-cut without being too low, which is one of my pet peeves: I don't want ankle socks, but I want my whole foot covered. Why does that seem to be too much to ask sometimes?? Anyway. At $6.50/3 pairs, these socks are a steal. Reminder to self: buy more!

[Old Navy Sport Socks]

So there ya have it. The five pieces of clothing I can't live without when it comes to fitness. Obviously, this list doesn't include any of the other things I love, like pre-wrap for headbands, my iPhone armband, or my weight-lifting gloves. (If you want recommendations for any of those things, just ask!) Good workout clothes are key to a good workout - if you feel good, you will do good! Or at least that's what I tell myself. I want to be comfortable, warm & cool (both are necessary), and be wearing clothes that fit well. If I have that combination, I'm bound to have a good workout (or at least start on the right foot).

I tend to be very brand-loyal when it comes to fitness gear. If I find something I like, I buy multiples. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Hence, two pairs of the same running pants, two pairs of the same running shoes, four of the same sports bras, etc. Find something that works for you, and stick with it!

CLEARLY all these opinions are my own - I wasn't compensated by any of these companies, though I happily would be if they offered. :) I just love these products,and want to share what I love with anyone who enjoys a good workout.


Caitlin said...

Oh no way! I need to find these Old Navy socks! I was just complaining the other day that running socks are too expensive :) Thanks for the tip! Love Tempos, and am a new UA fan. We already talked about Lucy :) I might have to stop in there when it starts getting cold out (brrrr!!)

Anna said...

Awesome list, I'll have to look into the pants, I've been looking for a good pair! I would also own a bazillion Nike tempo shorts if they weren't so expensive, I've found that Target's running shorts are also really great!

Brigid said...

Totally w/ ya on the "if it ain't broke" mind-set. All my sports bras are from the champion collection at Target. They have some heavy-duty swag there! I only get Nike and Under Armour if it's on sale, but I refuse to skimp on something as important as a sports bra, haha!

Amy said...

My favourite running socks are $15 a pair so I need to try those Old Navy ones ASAP before I go broke! I like Old Navy compression capris and shorts, Nike Pegasus runners, and honestly I'll wear any old t-shirt or tank.