Friday, September 21, 2012

Five for Friday

I was going to post the last installment of my "Dressing Like an Adult" series today, but... that's going to have to wait.

It's Friday, y'all. I need some happies. Here is what I've got for today...

Five for Friday

1. I'm nervous about all the new Fall TV shows. It seems like they've cancelled just about everything I used to watch, and I've got a whole list of new shows that I want to try out. That could go very well, or very badly. We shall see. Round 1 was a success, though - we watch Revolution on Monday and I thought it was really good! Definitely a good pilot; it was interesting and there were good characters, and it left us hanging enough that we are willing to tune into Episode 2. Did you watch anything new this week?

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2. Like, um, everyone else, I enjoy a good Pumpkin Spice Latte. I've been known to have one or ten or twenty in falls past. However, this year, I discovered that a regular (2% milk), grande PSL from Starbucks is 10 Weight Watchers Plus Points. TEN, people. Consider the fact that, when counting points, I only get 26 PP/day. Yeesh. Sooo... the PSLs are out the window for me. HOWEVER. I recently created something almost as good! I've been ordering a grande blonde roast with one pump of Pumpkin Spice syrup. Then I add my own splash of skim milk and a Splenda. It's amazing! I get the delicious, cozy pumpkin spice flavor I like, without the crazy amounts of points. My version is more like 2 points - totally reasonable.

3. I've discovered two fantastic new Pandora stations lately. The first is the Girl Talk station - inspired by Anna - that is fantastic to run to. I've been missing out!! Tune into that and the energy just skyrockets - perfect for getting through some miles. The second station is the Callin' Baton Rouge station. Why do I always forget about that song?! I found it by accident the other day, plugged it into Pandora, and got treated to some of the most awesome old country songs that I love. The day flew by while I jammed out to old school country. Loved it!!

4. For some reason, Food Lion is having a gigantic wine sale this week. Or at least, at the two that I've been to in my area, they are. At the one closest to me, there were ten or so grocery carts packed with random bottles of wine, all significantly marked down - we're talking like $3.50 a bottle for some of them! Naturally, I took advantage and stocked up. I bought five different bottles for a grand total of $21 - the highest I paid was $6.99 and the lowest was $3.14. A freakin' steal!! So C & I have been indulging a bit, experimenting with drinking some new wines that I'm sure we wouldn't otherwise try. So much fun! We've found a few keepers and a few "ehs." Well worth the money!

That's funny... I swear this was full a few days ago!
5. I've been seeing on blogs & facebook & pintrest about the "amazing combination" that is salted peanuts and candy corns. I threw some in a bowl this afternoon and gave it a try. Ummm... guys? That's exactly what a PayDay candy bar is!! I didn't realize it prior, but as soon as I tasted it, I knew. No wonder it's so popular. Not exactly a genius combination, though... ha.


And then I was rear-ended on the way home from work. PERFECT. Happy Friday to me. Luckily, it was very minor, the guy was super cool about it, and all appears to be well. Just another thing..... Definitely time for this:


Stephanie Gray said...

Lindsay,I love reading your blog!

Anna said...

1. We watched Revolution and enjoyed it as well! I've come to learn that apocalyptic survival type shows are my favorite (LOST, Jericho, Walking Dead...) and this one definitely fit the ticket! I'm interested to see where it goes after everything that happened last week.

2. So glad that you've taken up the Girl Talk Pandora station too--it's such a great one to have handy for runs!

Erica said...

The PSL is definitely an indulgence, BUT I found that it is super tasty and much healthier if you get it with skim milk and 2 pumps of syrup (instead of the usual 4 or 5 they put in to make it way tooo sweet). I don't know what that converts to in weight watchers points, but definitely worth a try! :-)