Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nope... still not a fashion blogger.

Last week, I started something new – a month’s worth of showing you what I wear to work, week by week, in order to demonstrate some ways to dress professionally and fit into the working world.

This is generally hilarious, because I’m pretty much the worst adult ever and have a really hard time being a “Working Professional” but c’est la vie. I will do my best. I’ve been told that I have “good fashion sense” which I also think is a joke, but people keep asking where I get my clothes and how to shop on a budget, so maybe those people are serious… which I find shocking. I will ALWAYS be that girl who wants to wear my “comfies” at all time – I hate being dressed in real clothes. Give me sweat pants, leggings, PJ pants, old t-shirts, and hoodies any time, and I will be your best friend. Promise. (Sorry, L2, you’re easily replaced. Love you!)

Week 2

  • Monday: Button-down shirt – The Limited; Pencil Skirt – The Limited; Black Pumps – Nine West
  • Tuesday: Cardigan – J. Crew; Tank top – Target (actually a deep ocean blue, with ruffles on the front… photo skillz lacking); Pants – LOFT; Flats – Target
  • Wednesday: Cardigan – Target; Tank – Target; Pants – Express; Flats - Target
  • Thursday: Blouse – The Limited; Skirt – The Limited; Black Pumps – Nine West
  • Friday: Cardigan – Target; Dress – LOFT; Sandals – DSW (Brand unknown, as they are so old that it’s completely worn away)
And there ya have it. Days 5-10, in the books!

Tips for this week:
  • Again, I shop sales. Sale, sale, sale. It’s rare that I purchase something (from anywhere other than Target) for full price – I always look for free shipping, coupon codes online, and/or in-store sales.
  • Take full advantage of discounts! Don’t be afraid to ask if a store offers discounts. Some of my favorites are the Teacher Discount that LOFT offers (my mom pays for everything with her ID, then I pay her back) and the student discount that The Limited and J.Crew offer. I carry my student ID everywhere – yes, I graduated 3 (EEEEEK) years ago, but that baby has no date on it, and I pretty much still look the same. Except for my hair color. But that’s never the same. Totally fine.
  • Everything you own does not have to be name-brand. Embrace Target. Just do it. You’ll thank me later. Are the clothes the absolute-best quality? No. Is that fine for staples that I wear the heck out of, like my black cardigans, and definitely get my $15’s worth? You betcha. Trust me: no one knows the difference between my cardigan from Target and my cardigan from J.Crew. And honestly, I think I like the Target one’s better… they hold their shape better, and they are a little thicker.
I have successfully been taking my pictures to go with Week 3, and will have that up sometime next week.

Any secret tips for me? Anyone actually reading this and enjoying it? I’m enjoying the fact that this is forcing me to (somewhat) keep my bedroom clean… HA!

Also, C is clearly enjoying this project as well - or at least, he enjoys photo-bombing me while I take silly pictures of myself.



Caitlin said...

I like these posts :) I am all about the staples that you can wear with multiple things. What do you do accessory wise? I always find I just wear the same basic jewelry everyday--and totally envy someone who can figure out those details in the wee hours of the morning every day. Yeah, not happening for me right now! Where's my coffee? Keep up the good work!!

Lisa said...

I use my Ho Po shamelessly. I look pretty similar to my 17 year old self (oy), so no one questions it. And I lurv Target. When my parents visited me at school, my mom and I would hit up the clearance racks at the Cburg store and score all sorts of cute stuff.

Lindsay said...

Honestly, accessorizing is probably my biggest fail... I just generally skip it! I wear my rings and a necklace that Charlie got me almost every day - occasionally swap for a different necklace, but generally not. I've just never been a big accessory person! I'd like to start doing better with that. Eek!

Lindsay said...

Totally fine - I seriously keep it on me at all times so that I can ask about student discounts. It works!!