Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pajamas at work are frowned upon

Contrary to how it may appear, I have not forgotten about posting my last piece of the “How to Dress like an Adult” puzzle. I actually put together the pictures (saying that makes it sound legit, and not like I did it in Paint) one day last week, and then life happened (doesn’t it always) and I never got around to writing the accompanying post. C’est la vie.
So here it is – Week 4 of “professional” outfits. I’m actually really impressed with myself regarding this little project, for two reasons.
  • One: I forced myself to think about what I was putting on a little bit more than usual. I wanted to ensure that I had no repeats, and I wanted to show outfits that had potential for other people –  because I, personally, hate it when I see an outfit post and a blogger is talking about her “totally affordable!!!” whatever and I find the same article of clothing and its $200. Because there is nothing in my wardrobe that is that expensive, and I like to think that that is applicable to the majority of other girls my age as well, despite what the blogosphere would like to indicate. So, like I was saying. I thought my way through these last four weeks with the goal of showing actually inspiring combinations that normal people could recreate or use.
  • Two: I actually finished this project. I took pictures of my outfits every single day for four weeks, just like I said I would. I didn’t have to recreate anything – I actually remembered to take the picture every day. And I didn’t abandon it after two weeks! For someone who is a chronic start-and-not-finish-er (so, so guilty), this is a major accomplishment. Gold stars all around! Hooray!
Enough chit-chat; on to the pictures!
Week 4

  • Monday: Shirt – Express; Pants – LOFT; Sandals – DSW; Necklace – “borrowed” from a friend (AKA she left it at my house – thanks, Lush!)
  • Tuesday: Dress – Target; Sandals – DSW
  • Wednesday: Wrap – Express; Tank – Express; Pants – The Limited; Shoes – Calvin Klein/Macy’s
  • Thursday: Shirt – Express; Pants – The Limited; Flats – Target
  • Friday: Blouse – Target; Jeans – LOFT; Flats – Target
I really, really appreciate the comments I’ve gotten regarding this series – it makes me happy to know that there are a few people out there who have found this useful, or at least worth taking 60 seconds to write a comment. Writing a comment means you didn’t immediately dismiss the post, and that, in itself, is worth my taking the time to take all these ridiculous pictures.
It is 100% likely that I will never be a fashion blogger, or a fashionista, or anything related to fashion. I will still always be happiest in sweats, and I will always be most comfortable in my workout clothes. It’s just who I am. However, I have embraced the fact that, during the day, I have to be dressed appropriately for “public” and therefore I do my best. As the title says, pajamas at work are frowned upon. The reasoning here will always be a mystery to me, because I maintain I'd be more productive if I was wearing flannel pants... Sigh. Anyway. I take my inspiration from the people I see around me (the ones who aren’t frumpy old ladies – because there are some. Avoid avoid avoid!) and I repeat what works and nix what doesn’t. I get by until I can get home from work and immediately put on my "comfies." That is the only goal most days. Normal!
And now that you’ve completed reading this post, you’ve successfully finished this Crash Course in Dressing like an Adult! A+, everyone. A+.  


Caitlin said...

Great job! High five for doing it 4 weeks straight. Chronic starters and don't finishers unite! :)

Brigid said...

Nice series! It's cool seeing stores that I actually like and can afford, intstead of designers that I've never heard of. If only you COULD work in your pj's...that's something I can get on board with!

Jess Lamanti said...

Just an FYI.... I always read your posts! I just don't always comment :-) Loved this series and I love hearing the adventures you and Charlie go on! Keeps me entertained at work and waiting to see what happens next all the time :-)Just thought you'd like to know you have another reader ;-)!

Lisa said...

Great job! I love your outfits. Too bad we don't have a Loft in Fayetteville :(