Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sadly, I do not have Carrie Bradshaw's closet

...but I still manage to make it work. It's Week 3 of "How to Dress Like an Adult (Or at least fake it!)" and we're still going strong. I'm actually shocked that I've managed to take a picture every single day and haven't had to recreate my outfit a single time... thought for sure that would have happened by now!

This week's lesson: taking pictures like this is really awkward. It's also really hard to hold an iPhone steady while trying to get your entire body in a picture and have the picture turn out clear - solution to this problem is obvi to have your husband take the picture, but then there's a lot of pressure because he will only take the picture one time (unless I beg really bad for a second try) so I have to not look awkward and make sure my clothes are straight and blah blah blah..... pressure, I tell ya. I can't imagine actually being a model and needing to do these things correctly. Although, I guess, in that case, there would be a hundred people standing around making sure everything was correct for me and taking a zillion shots and then someone else could pick the best one..... that doesn't sound so bad........ ok sorry. Distraction. Onto the pictures!

Week 3

  • Monday: no picture - it was a holiday! Honestly, I spent the morning wearing a Ninja Turtles T-shirt and compression socks (so cute!) and I'm sure that no one wants to see a picture of that. The afternoon and evening were spent in various VT gear while running errands and watching the football game.
  • Tuesday: T-Shirt - LOFT; Pants - LOFT; Brown Pumps - Target
  • Wednesday: Dress - LOFT; Belt - LOFT; Sandals - Unknown/DSW
  • Thursday: T-Shirt - Express; Pants - The Limited, Black Flats - Target
  • Friday: Button-Down Shirt - The Limited; Pencil Skirt - The Limited; Belt - Target; Black Pumps - Nine West
Two some-what casual looks balanced with two dressier looks - that's what I call "business casual." Easy-peasy. You may have started to notice some repeat pieces... duh! Mixing and matching is essential to a good, functional wardrobe. The majority of articles of clothing that I own can all be mixed with a number of other pieces to create "different" outfits. No one notices, believe me! Those staples are essentials. A few unique items and a few bright spots of color totally work to stretch out the "boring" pieces, like plain black pants. And mixing and matching means its usually pretty easy to find an outfit in the morning! Which is perfect for someone like me, who hates (I mean, truly hates) getting out of bed.

Looking for more ideas? Check out Week 1 and Week 2.

**Kudos & a cookie if you noticed something change between Wednesday and Thursday of this week... that would be my hair color. Back to dark brown for fall! Wheeeee!


Caitlin said...

Love the hair! And the outfits, per usual :) I love LOFT Pants... the Marisa crops are my favorite :)

Samantha at Pollinator Plates said...

I need to pay more attention to things like this! I'm so fashion-challenged. I would never think to put a belt on a dress, unless it specifically came with a belt. And pants. There are so many lengths of pants. The commenter above me calls the LOFT Pants crops, which makes me happy because I have 2 pairs of pants this length that have been hanging in my closet for a year because I worried they looked too short... so there they sit (or hang). But on other people, it looks totally acceptable- it looks cute! So I'll be bringing them out again this fall.

Going to read Weeks 1 and 2 now :)

Lisa said...

Loving your outfits!

Charlotte said...

I just found your blog through Anna @ My Semi-Charmed Life and love it! This post is such a great idea! So many mornings I just stand in my closet and think, "why oh why am I not in college anymore where a t-shirt and jeans are perfectly acceptable??" I'd love to do a post similar to this as well!

Nice to meet you!

Lindsay said...

Thanks friend :) And those pants are fantastic!

Lindsay said...

I am just like that, usually - I don't think to wear things other than exactly how I always have. However, I've been trying to pay more attention to how clothes are styled and accesorized in the store, and then trying to recreate that with what I already have at home. That's where I've gotten the idea to put a belt on almost everything - it's what they've been doing in stores! :) And it's def true about varying lengths of pants - don't be afraid of shorter styles! They are "in" now, and we can all get away with showing our ankles a bit :) Thanks for reading!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks, girl!

Lindsay said...

Oh yay! Hi! Nice to meet you as well :) Thanks for reading! I know there are people out there who enjoyed getting dressed like this, but give me a pair of sweats and a tshirt any day and I am so much happier :)

ewechtal said...

You and Caitlin have amazingly similar wardrobes haha.