Friday, September 14, 2012

The Last Cake of the Year

As part of my 25 for 25, I set a goal to make an amazing birthday cake for each of my loved ones. That would include my mama, my daddy, my husband, and my sister. (Obvi I have lots more loved ones, but I had to limit the cake-baking to a reasonable amount!)

My mom didn't want cake, so she got a delicious berries & ice cream dessert instead.
C requested Oreo cake, and it was amazing.
Dad wanted German chocolate and I went all out.
I had one more cake to go to complete this goal! And so......

Natty's birthday was at the beginning of September, and even though I was a bad sister and couldn't get a hold of her to wish her Happy Birthday, I still made her an amazing birthday cake that we ate devoured later in the week. As it just so happens, her and her husband's (weeeeird) birthdays are less than a week apart, so they shared a cake. Nat requested chocolate-on-chocolate, and that was perfectly fine for Roger. I had my orders! Wondering if I delivered?....

You bet I did. That, my friends, is a chocolate-on-chocolate masterpiece.

I used the same cake recipe as I did for C's Oreo birthday cake (because that was, like I said then, possibly the best cake ever) and baked it in a 9x13 pan instead of two round ones (don't forget to add baking time if you do this! Takes a bit longer - I think my cake needed 15-20 extra minutes). Then I whipped up chocolate butter cream frosting, using the recipe out of my classic Betty Crocker cookbook (I've said before that basic recipes are the best) with one tiny change - I was out of milk, so I used vanilla coffee creamer instead. HOME RUN! It was so chocolaty, but also had that nice balance from the vanilla... so sweet and creamy. Perfect! Using the Oreo cake recipe made getting this one done super easy - took almost no time at all. Can't beat that, can ya?

23 candles EACH - the least I could do since they were sharing a cake!

Almost burned the house down with this one.
I think the kids liked it, too...

Happy birthday, kids! Love you!
...especially since I got a text from Roger the next morning saying that the cake was just as good for breakfast. That's my kind of birthday!

Consider this goal officially complete. Happiness and cake all around!


Ashley said...

That bottom picture looks like a miniature bonfire theres so many candles hahahaha

Erika said...

Love it!!! So cut. Wish we could have enjoyed the day and cake with you! I want to send you a recipe that is a huge hit in my house, you'll have to try it out on Charlie and make sure its good ;-) I'm sure he won't mind!

Lindsay said...

Pyro-technics. Don't worry about it. HA!

Lindsay said...

Thanks lovebug! Wish we were closer and I could make cakes for everyone. That would be a lotttt of cake... haha!