Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The most wonderful time of the year

My sister’s birthday was on Sunday. I am possibly the worst sister ever and failed to tell her “happy birthday” – not my phone, not by text, not by facebook, not by blog post like every other family member… It just didn’t happen. Sorry ‘bout it. She was off frolicking around at my parents’ new lake house (!!!  A post all in itself) with no cell phone signal and I was travelling back from a weekend of debauchery with friends from college in Richmond so… the connection was just never made. Natty, I’m sorry, I love you, there’s a card for you on my coffee table. You can have it… sometime. Welcome to 23. It’s kind of anticlimactic. I'm glad you were born.

For you, I will put things like this on the Internet.
Please note the mullet. And the box of raisins.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK. Thank the sweet CFB gods. The kickoff of CFB is practically a holiday in our house (as is the start of NFL season and NHL season… we like sports) and I was so flippin’ thrilled to be able to turn on the games that I almost couldn’t stand it. While everyone else swam and played cornhole and hung out outside on Saturday night, I parked myself on the couch in front of the TV and flipped back and forth between all of the games. Not ashamed. It was lovely.

Even better than plain ol’ CFB being back is… HOKIE FOOTBALL IS BACK. Yes, yes, yes. After a heart-breaking, seriously depressing loss to Michigan in the Sugar Bowl to end last season (IT WAS A CATCH), I’m pretty sure every Virginia Tech fan everywhere was ready for a fresh start and the new season.

We didn't play until last night - the wait was excruciating. The minute "Enter Sandman" started playing was so worth it, though. 

The best entrance in college football.

I would have given a limb to be in Blacksburg for the game - I miss my alma mater more than is probably healthy, and football season compounds that emotion by like 1763%. Give or take. C & I proudly rocked our maroon and orange all day yesterday, and we last night we made wings and drank beer and cheered so loud in our own living room that the neighbors were probably concerned. They better get used to it. We stayed up til midnight watching the game, and were rewarded with a win in overtime (the first ever overtime in Lane Stadium - nice). (Hence being too tired to function today, and probably too tired to be writing this post. Sorry I'm not sorry.) Not gonna lie, it was not the most exciting nor the best game I’ve ever watched – but a win is a win. 1-0. Let’s go!

Our bell, ready and waiting for the first W of the season!
Ringing the bell after the win!
We tried to restrain ourselves for the sake of
our neighbors & their school-age children.
It was hard.
Our first full season as an old married couple. Bring it on!
I was THISCLOSE to ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks this morning before my brain reminded me that it’s a million degrees and 100% humidity out today. My heart wants fall, my brain knows that it’s not quite time. BRING ME FALL. I’m so over this disgusting summer weather.

My sister has requested a chocolate-on-chocolate cake for her birthday (I may not be very good at birthday wishes, but I am damn good at coming through with a birthday cake) so there will be one more baking adventure before this baking flurry comes to a screeching halt. I may have finally quenched the baking thirst – I actually moved my mixer back to its home behind the dish drainer yesterday, instead of leaving it in the center of the main counter for easy access/a quick fix. HOWEVER – I did make my dad an amazing German chocolate cake last week. Behold.

Today is Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. That is both the best and the worst thing ever.

I promise to have a post with some semblance of logic sometime soon. Promise…

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