Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well dang... We clean up good!

All that talk about dressing "professionally" got me thinking, and I realized that my sister DOES pretty much get to wear pajamas to work every day! I am in the wrong line of work, folks. Nat teaches high school PE - that's right, she wears t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and tennis shoes to work every day. Comfies, every day! While I'm in heels and skirts and blah. Just. not. right. (Down side... she teaches high schoolers. I do not know how she does it. She's a saint.) Meaning, most days we find her like this:

Rough life.
Sometimes, though, the joke's on her - like when she's going to be observed by the principal while teaching - and she has to wear "real" clothes to work. Hence, the call I got last night: "I need something to wear!" Don't you worry - I worked my "professional attire" magic, and today I got this picture from her:

So cute. Not your typical high school PE teacher, methinks... Oww oww. Hottie with a body! Mwahahaha. She cleans up pretty well though, don'tcha think?? Though I still haven't forgiven her for looking in the mirror and yelling, "I LOOK OLD!" Ahem. That's basically what I wear every day. Rude!

I told her the kids were going to fall over when they saw her today, since they've probably never seen her in "real clothes." Point proven - I also received this text:

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.
Not to be outdone, I obviously have to show that C & I aren't too bad ourselves, when we try... We managed to pull ourselves together this weekend to attend the wedding of a childhood friend of C's, and I had to admit, I was pretty pleased with how we did.

Fall leaves make me happy.
Not too shabby. As luck would have it, it turned out to be a perfect September day for a wedding - we were nervous about rain up until about an hour before hand, but then the clouds parted and the sun came out, and this was what we got as a backdrop to the sweet wedding ceremony:

My cute husband was channeling his inner GQ:

And there were cupcakes:

What more can a girl ask for?? BTW - that Pancake Maple Bacon cupcake was amazing, and I think I'm going to have to try to recreate it. Add that to the list of potential baking adventures!


Caitlin said...

Love this! You all look great... and I want a dozen of those cupcakes MMMMM!!

Anna said...

Love that blue dress--so cute!