Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Get Out of Running a Race You Really Want to Run

Alternately titled, "I'm Too Stubborn for My Own Damn Good."

Follow these steps carefully:
  1. Sign up for a race (for example, the Wicked 10K) months in advance (at least four. maybe five).
  2. Injure your back, approximately two months before the race.
  3. Ignore that injury, and continue exercising strenuously (for ideas, try lifting heavier weights than usual or running 11 miles...... just suggestions).
  4. Complain a lot about said injury.
  5. Finally see a chiropractor, who promptly tells you to ice your back 3-4 times daily and refrain from strenuous activity anything (like weight-lifting, or running) but the elliptical.
  6. Rejoice in the glory that is being pain-free and gush about your chiropractor.
  7. Ignore the chiropractor's advice - instead, ice one time daily and go for three runs.
  8. Be confused when not only does your back hurt again, but it hurts worse.
  9. See chiropractor again. He promptly yells at you for ignoring his advice and undoing the amazing work that he did on your back.
  10. Decide to listen to chiropractor (he is a medical professional, after all) and finally start icing and stop exercising.
  11. Heal - very, very slowly. Definitely not in time for your race. Which you could have run, had you:
    1. Taken it easier when your back first started hurting.
    2. See a doctor sooner.
    3. Taken the doctor's advice.
    4. Not been so freaking stubborn.
  12. Be very, very sad about the fact that you will probably have to walk most of this race because there is an ice-cube's-chance-in-hell likelihood that the chiropractor will clear you to run 10k this weekend.
This is clearly a hypothetical suggestion, because obviously I would never be the person so dumb as to do all of these things. This is a horrible plan. Who would do these things??

Anyone else going to be at the Wicked 10K this weekend?? Wave to me as you run by. I'll be the crying dumb sad girl.


caityrogo said...

Aww do you think you will be ok for the Philly 8K?

Lindsay said...

Bah. Should be! I'm definitely on the mend this time around, and feel a lot better, just won't be ready to go by Saturday.

Caitlin said...

I would have acted the same way as you did if it helps! It's terrible to hear that you can't exercise from a professional! :( I am having back pain and still planning on running a half marathon in December... ughhhh

caityrogo said...

gooood well rest up and good luck getting back in to the swing of things!! Miss you :)

Lisa said...

Walking a 10K is better than those of us who don't even run, haha. Hope your back heals completely!

TorontoRunner said...

aw I'm sorry to hear!
I've been silly in the past and ran while injured, which caused me to be sidelined for the better part of 5 months.
We'll learn from it!
hope you're OK.

Lindsay said...

It IS silly, isn't it?? Us "dedicated" people who just insist on pushing things even when we know we ought to take a break... sigh. I'm hoping I've learned my lesson this time :)

Thanks for reading!!

Lindsay said...

Well that is true... thanks for the positive reminder ;) Have a great day!

Lindsay said...

Blllaaahhhhhh. I did discuss with the chiro yesterday that I'd rather be good to go in December for my half than run tomorrow and mess things up worse - but I still don't like it. I'm not good at being injured!