Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! 

We are having a pretty low-key evening - Chik-fil-A for dinner, watching Red Tails from Netflix, and handing out candy. We had a lot more trick-or-treaters than I expected last year, so this year I wanted to be prepared... I may or may not have bought approximately 500 pieces of candy. Not ashamed. We've had a pretty good number of goblins come by so far, probably 30 or so. I'm happy we have a lot of candy, because it means I get to be one of the "cool houses" who gives handfuls of candy instead of one measly piece. Adult life goal: accomplished!

C dressed up in his "costume" for the evening... so funny (/depressing. Seriously. Depressing.)

He's an unemployed hockey player! Get it?!... get it?.. ha. (Boo.)

Don't worry, I got him to smile, too:

Have a fun, safe night!! Bring on November!


Anonymous said...

Hahah great costume idea! keep it up with your amazing blogs!

Mrs in Training said...

Oh my god, his costume is fantastic...if Tyler had seen that before Halloween I'm sure he would have copied it, we are big Caps fans too!