Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Tale & A Surprise

So I have a little story to tell. As it turns out, there was another cat trapped in that bag I mentioned before...

Once upon a time, there was a princess. (This is my blog, I can tell whatever version of the story that I want. Go with it.) The princess's name was Lindsay, and the princess had a best friend, who's name was also Lindsey (aka L2).

There she is.

The princess and her best friend had taken to making each other cards for various occasions - taking a card for a specific occasion ("I miss you!") and turning it into a card for something else ("Happy birthday!"). It's actually quite hilarious... but anyway.

So one day, L2 tells the princess that she's going to come visit, and she asks the princess to make her a delicious dinner. This is relatively normal, so the princess agrees, and they make a plan for a Friday night.

Friday night comes around, and Princess Lindsay makes a delicious dinner of chicken enchilada casserole. L2 arrives, and helps the princess in the kitchen as she finishes dinner. While the casserole is baking, L2 tells the princess that she has something special for her. The two girls sit down on the couch, and L2 presents the princess with a card. The princess is very confused, because there is no occasion for a card, but she opens it anyway. Inside the envelope, this is what she finds:

Can you read that? It says "Guess what?"

The princess is still confused, but she has a feeling she knows what she is going to find inside the card...

Can you read that one??


That's right.... the princess is going to be Aunt Princess! L2 is having a baby!!

In case you can't read the inside of the card, is says "Confession: I'm pregnant! ...and I'm not lion!" (The card was originally an "I miss you" card - very funny.) 

The princess almost falls off her couch with shock and excitement, and then tackles L2 for a giant hug.

The end.

And so there you have it - the other secret I've been sitting on, and another reason it's been a bit quiet around here - between changing jobs and getting this big news, there's been a lot going on that I couldn't really write about, and a lot going on that has kept me busy. I am beyond thrilled about the little half-Brit that's going to be born next May, and I can't wait to love the heck out of my little neice or nephew.

So far, everything is perfect - L2 is healthy, the baby is healthy, and she's having pretty much the easiest pregnancy of anyone I've ever seen. Lucky girl!

BFFs <3

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Caitlin said...

Can I just say this story was very confusing and I forgot who was L2 and princess and yadda yadda and then I was like OMG THEYRE BOTH PREGNANT... and thaaaats how rumors get started ;) hehe.