Friday, November 9, 2012

Five for Friday: New Job Edition

In honor of finishing my first week at my new job, this Five for Friday features five observations, if you will, from the last few days.

Five for Friday

1. If a male is showing you around the office, he will not remember to show you where the bathroom is, and it will be awkward when you can't find the bathroom key and then the bathroom the first time you have to go.

2. It would be easier to just record a little speech of your name, where you came from, and what you'll be doing... Because you'll have to repeat all that information about a million times.

3. It's very likely that you will not remember the names of anyone you meet on the first day. Practice your memory tricks. I will probably never know That One Guy's name, even though he's turned out to be the friendliest person in the office so far.

4. If you're used to using a Keurig, and your new office has a Flavia machine, which you're not really sure how to use, you should probably not experiment with it when there is a large meeting going on next door. The Flavia machine may turn out to be really loud and awkward, and your banging around in the kitchen will cause you to get glares from the meeting participants.

5. It is probably not in your best interest to take every single pair of dress pants (and two dresses and a skirt) you own to the tailor the weekend before you start a new job. The tailoring will take at least a week. You will be left with very few options of outfits that are both office-appropriate and warm enough for you to wear, given the cold front that has suddenly arrived. It will be a major source of stress. (Not that I know this one from experience or anything.... Must have been someone else....)


So there ya have it. As expected, this week has flown by. I am so glad it's already Friday afternoon, and that we've got a weekend of no plans!! On the agenda: clean our bedroom, watch the local Santa parade on Saturday, design and order Christmas cards, and see a movie or two. Sounds perfect!


elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

the first week of a new job is always an adventure! glad you survived!!

Cathy Hailey said...

You have a great writing voice, Lindsay. So glad you're still writing. Good luck with the job!