Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy holidays

I just typed an entire post and lost it… Seriously?! Humph.

I can’t believe that it’s the last day of November. The holidays are right around the corner. The time is just flying by – how is it already the end of 2012? Seems to happen every year, though, doesn’t it?

We got our Christmas tree last night. I’m pretty sure we are the quickest tree-pickers every – no dilly-dallying for us! We went to the church down the road where the Boy Scouts sell trees every year, and I think it took us all of 20 minutes. We walked around for a few, I felt some to determine which needles I like (soft, not pokey), we inspected three, and we picked the last one. Ten minutes later, it was wrapped up, paid for, and in the back of the truck. Done and done. We don’t mess around when it comes to these things.

I can’t wait to decorate it! We are going to bring it in the house tonight and get it set up and lights put on, then we will decorate it on Sunday. We wanted to give Mac a little bit of time to adjust to it before we get all the decorations on, as we have no idea how he will react to having a tree in the house. He was confused enough last night when we started moving things around to make room for it, and quite perturbed when we moved “his” couch away from the window. I just hope he doesn’t try to climb the tree! Though that seems like exactly the type of thing he would do. I’ll be sure to document his tree-related antics… I have a feeling it will be entertaining.

I can’t get over how nice our Thanksgiving was. It was the most peaceful, calmest, sweetest holiday we’ve had in a while, I think. I keep remembering how serene everything felt (except, perhaps, the Cowboys/Redskins game… that part was not so serene), and how nice it was to have that time with some of our special people. I can already tell that that lake house is going to be such a safe-haven for our family – exactly the place to go when you want (or need) to get away from everything else. I just wish we could have stayed longer! We made some sweet memories this year, that’s for sure. I will always remember our first Thanksgiving at the lake!

We are going on a holiday adventure tomorrow... No details, but it does involve a very large tree! Can’t wait to share later. As for today, I’ve got coffee, diet Coke, and Christmas music on my Pandora, and I’m hoping the day flies by.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures that just keep making me happy – these are quintessential November to me, and I’m so lucky to have this in my own (sort of) backyard. Love that lake.

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Lisa said...

Don't put tinsel on your tree. Cats will eat it, and it's not fun to pull out of their butts. I speak from experience here, haha.