Friday, December 21, 2012

My Christmas List

Just in case anyone is doing a little last minute shopping for me, here's what's on my Christmas list for this year:

1. Clinique Happy - this was my high school perfume, and for some reason, I've really been craving to wear it again. There's just something about that cheerful orange box! I love the light citrusy scent, and a new bottle would take me right back to the "good ol' days" (or something).
2. iPod nano - I'm getting really tired of taking my phone with me every time I run. I'd really like a Nano that I could load up with music, and not have to worry about the whole arm-band / phone deal every time. Now that I have a Garmin, I'm not using the MapMyRun app anymore, either, so... Fingers crossed for this one!
3. Sport sunglasses - Suz has some great Oakleys that she wears when we run, and I've borrowed her spares a few times. They are SO MUCH better than my Target shades - as in, they actually stay in place and are designed for movement. Minor details. I love these ones!
4. Running tights - the basics. I'm looking for an all-weather pair of tights that goes all the way to my ankles. I've found that there are days that aren't cold enough for my ColdGear tights, but are a little too cold for my capris - my ankles get cold! So one basic pair of these would be the perfect addition to my run gear.
5. Instyler - one of those random things that I will never buy myself, but I'm pretty sure would be cool to have. Anyone use one? All I ever do is straighten my hair, day in and day out, and this little gadget might help me change it up a bit!
6. Padfolio - I really need to get one of these to take to work. There are plenty of times when I'm going to meetings and things when it would be nice to have somewhere to put my papers and take notes, instead of just cramming everything into my backpack. This VT one would be a great way to represent my love for my Hokies, albeit professionally.
What's on your list this year?


elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

i love all of this stuff! I use an ipod shuffle for runs every now and then (when I don't want to take my phone), it's perfect since it has that little clippy to clip to your clothes. A garmin is definitely on my list though!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Brigid said...

I used to love Clinique Happy in high school, too! Such a pretty scent.

I agree w/ Elizabeth; a shuffle is ideal for running. You clip it to your shorts/pants and you're good to go! It's the best thing for my runs since socks that don't slip past my ankles.

I don't know about the Instyler, but I had the Revostyler in high school and it didn't work at all. I'd say don't waste your money, but maybe the Instyler is the new and improved version. Let me know if it works for you!

Laura Darling said...

I love Clinique Happy!

Lindsay said...

I got the iPod nano - so excited to start using it to run! I know it's a little bigger than the shuffle, but I like having the screen I can see - I'm odd like that. I figure it's still small and light enough that I can just put it in my pocked or under my bra strap or something... better than lugging my phone around in its Otter Box. Ha! Merry Christmas!

Lindsay said...

I DID get the InStyler... I'm not too sure about it, but I managed to do my hair with it on Christmas Day and it didn't look half bad! It comes with an instructional DVD that I definitely need to watch, but I think if I actually practice and get used to it, it may just work out for me. We shall see. Hope you had a great Christmas!! :)