Monday, December 17, 2012

Reaching out

I, like so many others, am horrified and heartbroken over the incident in Connecticut on Friday. I don't know why, but, for some reason, this particular act of violence is hitting me especially hard. Perhaps it's the children involved, or the fact that it was at a school, at one of the singular places where we are all supposed to feel safe. I'm not sure - what I am sure of, though, is that I feel an overwhelming amount of emotion regarding this event. I think what's the hardest is the fact that I am not feeling sympathy in this case, as so many other are. I am feeling empathy - I know how it feels. I have done this.

I feel helpless. I want to do something. I want to help take away the pain - from someone, anyone, all of them. I want to apologize: I am so sorry. I am so sorry that this has happened again. I want to look into all of their eyes and promise them that life will go on. It will never be the same, but there will become a new normal. I want to tell them that they will always have Before and After, as I do, and they will always distinguish life events as one or the other. I want to tell them that I know how it feels to have a gaping hole in your heart, one that gets smaller over time, but that will never truly heal. I want to take away the hurt. I feel tiny and insignificant. I don't know what to do.

I am praying for strength for the Newtown community, and for even just one moment of peace for all of those people who are touched by this event. The people victimized by this will spread far and wide - it never ceases to amaze me that, in events of such deep sorrow, the "six degrees of separation" never fails to prove true. Everyone knows someone affected by this. Reach out to those around you, and let them know that they are loved. Don't hesitate for one second to tell people that you care about them, or to do something nice for someone, or to simply spread happiness. You truly just never know what your last experience with someone will be. Spread light, spread love, spread hope.

I want to share the words (pared down, just a bit) that Nikki Giovanni shared with us in our darkest moments, and hope that now, in Sandy Hook's darkest moments, they may also provide some minute degree of comfort:

We are sad today, and we will be sad for quite a while. We are not moving on, we are embracing our mourning.
We are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly, we are brave enough to bend to cry, and we are sad enough to know that we must laugh again.
We will prevail.

You are not alone.


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Thanks for this, Lindsay. It really is hard to watch the news coverage, but your post was music to my ears (eyes?). I hope you find peace during this time. Hugs!

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Thanks, Lisa :)

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