Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lacing back up

The last race I ran was in the beginning of December, and after a few weeks off plus a few weeks of easing my way back in, it's time to lace up my racing shoes again and get back into the swing of things!

Hey there, old friends.
My first race for 2013: the Virginia is for Lovers 14k in Virginia Beach! I'll be running this love-themed race this weekend with my favorite little VB-native, Luscious Lo (previously of Wicked 10k fame). I'm really looking forward to it! The distance seems very do-able - a little more than a 10k, but a little less than a half marathon. We'll see how it turns out, but I feel like I might have found my "sweet spot" of race distances! (knock on wood)

I'm running the Reston 10-Miler in March, then laying low until my next half marathon, at the end of April. Apart from racing, I've decided to actually (kind of) use a training plan for this half marathon, and see how it helps. The one I'm using is the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Intermediate Training Program, at the suggestion of a sweet friend of mine. I've got the whole thing loaded onto my calendar, and have made modifications as I see fit (for example, switching the second "strength" day to Wednesdays, since I have a regular BodyPump class I attend that day). I'm also giving myself permission to deviate a bit - last night's run was supposed to be three miles, but I just did two after Pump because I was seriously not feeling treadmill running. THAT'S OK. That's my new mantra - THAT'S OK. It's OK to do what I need to do - I don't want to completely overwhelm my body. I'm looking at the training plan as guidelines, and will see where it takes me. At this point, any training is better than no training!

First "official" training run - done! Tuesday night.
Bring it on, Race Season 2013!


Caitlin said...

YAY!!! I start the Hal Higdon next week :) Good luck on your race!!

Dorothy A. said...

Good luck! I've committed to doing a 10K this year. I'm from Northern Virginia, too! I'm planning on doing the Wolf Trap 5K in April. :)