Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lovin' love

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Despite the fact that my commute was a disaster this morning (train delays in excess of 90 MINUTES... schmerrrrr) and I didn't have coffee until 9 AM, I am in a fantastic mood. I'm wearing a pink shirt, I have socks with hearts on them, and I'm listening to the Classic Rock Love Songs station on Pandora... what could be better??

I am one of those people who LOVES Valentine's Day - sorry I'm not sorry. I didn't used to, when I was in grade school and such, as it always led to awkward, cheesy gifts and potential hurt feels and that one time when a guy I knew creepily left a grocery bag with a stuffed gorilla on my porch in college, knowing full-well that I did not reciprocate his feelings and also was dating someone... ummm yeah. Anyway. Over the past few years, this day has grown on me. I've realized that Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love; it's about love in general, and - in that department - my cup runneth over. Between my parents, my sister, my friends, and, of course, my husband, I am the giver and receiver of SO much love, and I have much to celebrate. So you'll find me sending Valentine's and making treats for my coworkers and spreading pink glitter all over the damn place. And loving every minute of it!

Tonight, C & I will continue with a tradition that we started almost 5 years ago. Back in college, when we were little broke babies, we splurged at the grocery store for Valentine's Day, and my sweet chef made me a steak dinner with candlelight. It was precious, and we enjoyed spending time together, not fighting the crowds and doing our own thing. Ever since then, we've always done the same thing - Valentine's is a home-cooked meal, the two of us in the kitchen creating a great meal and just being together. It's our tradition, and I truly love it. Tonight's menu: steaks, asparagus, cous cous, and individual trifles for dessert. Can't wait!

Spread the love today, friends. Happy hearts day!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like the best kind of Valentine's Day!! xo

Lisa said...

Sounds like fun! And who knew Blacksburg had so many creeps?

Anna said...

Love your cute treats, I was drooling over them on Instagram earlier since I gave up chocolate--but they look awesome! Happy Valentine's lady!