Friday, May 3, 2013


Day 3: things that make you uncomfortable.

There are so many. So very many things that make me uncomfortable. It's probably best just to address this in list form...
  • Phone calls. There is very little in the world that makes me more uncomfortable than talking on the phone. Just about anyone who knows me can attest to this - I will literally do everything possible to avoid making or answering a phone call (unless it's like.. my family or friends). I hate calling to order pizza. I hate calling clients or co-workers. I never answer unknown numbers when they call. I will text you, email you, smoke-signal you... if it does not involve the phone, it is a better choice for me. Also, I have no idea why this is the case.
  • Spiders. B!tches are everywhere. And I despise them.
  • Seeing someone else be embarrassed. This includes real life, television, movies, etc. If someone else is embarrassed, I am wiggling in uncomfortableness until it ends.
  • Watching sex scenes in movies with my parents. I feel like most people can relate...
  • Driving in places that I'm unfamiliar with. Shoot - driving in places I AM familiar with can make me uncomfortable. I hate being in charge of getting anyone anywhere, because I'm pretty sure I will get lost. I have a terrible sense of direction, and I've embraced it.
  • Math. Especially math on the spot. If someone says "hey, can you add up...." or "what is 23% of 2 million?!" and needs an answer right away, it's almost 100% guaranteed that I'm turning red.
  • Job interviews / self-assessments. For someone who loves talking about herself, I really hate talking about myself when it counts.
I'm pretty sure I could double or triple this list in no time. But for everyone's sake, I'll leave it at these few things.... and I'm actually sitting here shuddering just thinking about them. Blerg.


In other news, C had his wisdom teeth out this morning. He's known for a while that they needed to come out; he just put it off. Today was finally the day. We've spent the day in a haze of pain killers and ice packs and pudding cups. I took the following photo earlier after an "emergency" run to the grocery store:

His and her necessities
Here's wishing for a quiet weekend and an easy recovery!

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Amy said...

So funny - I'm the same watching sex scenes with my parents. I watched the 40 Year Old Virgin with them and it was just so uncomfortable!