Thursday, June 13, 2013

Michelle's bachelorette: wine-tasting!

Nothing like a good stormy day to relive a bright & sunny one, right?? A few weekends ago, a group of us girls got together to celebrate my sweet friend Michelle's last few weeks as a single gal - she's getting married next weekend! Michelle and I were college roommates (and sorority sisters, by chance, after we went through recruitment in year 2 and ended up in Pi Phi together!) for three years at VT, and I'm pretty sure I never would have survived college without her. I am so excited for her wedding, and I am looking forward to standing beside her as she begins her new life with her almost-husband.

Instead of a typical "bachelorette," Michelle requested something a little more low-key. We came up with a plan to spend the afternoon wine-tasting, and we had such a blast! We had a group of 6, and we spent the afternoon at two different VA wineries, tasting, eating, and enjoying the local wine.

Michelle and I
My sister and I
The first winery we went to was Barrel Oak, located in Delaplane, VA, where we did an outdoor tasting and then enjoyed a picnic that Michelle's mom packed for us. We had a great time sitting on the patio chatting and getting some sun.

From there, we headed off to Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn, located just a few minutes away from Barrel Oak. Our tasting there was a totally different experience - it included food pairings! At the beginning of the tasting, we were each given a small plate with ten little nibbles of food - some cheese, some meat, some chocolate. Then, as the tasting progressed, we sipped each wine alone, then added the food it was paired with, and tasted a whole new flavor profile. It was eye-opening! I'd love to do it again in another season. After we finished the tasting, we sat inside and enjoyed several glasses of Aspen Dale's signature sangria, which was incredible! So sweet and delicious - definitely dangerous on a hot summer day! We listened to live music and chatted, and before we knew it, it was time for our driver to pick us up again to head home. We had such a great day - Michelle enjoyed herself, and we all got to relax and enjoy a day out with the girls. Next up: wedding!

So beautiful! The barn at Aspen Dale

The whole group! So much sun.

Aspen Dale's sangria - I want this right now!

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Maddie~The Whimsy One said...

I love it there, going to Luray in a few weeks and hitting a few more wineries. Glad you guys had a great time. Congrats to your friend.