Monday, July 29, 2013

Take me out to the balllll game!...

This weekend flew by! Definitely one of those where I remember that it was Friday afternoon... and then I blinked and it was Sunday evening! Sure sign of good times being had, right?

On Saturday afternoon, I sunscreen'd myself up, grabbed my raincoat, and headed out to the ball game with my three favorite guys: my dad, my husband, and my uncle!

My dad had gotten tickets for the Nationals game from work, and so we headed to the stadium for an afternoon of fun. So far, I've attended exactly one baseball game per season for the last three seasons - I'm not a huge baseball fan (give me a hockey game any day) but it is definitely fun to go to a major league event, and the Nats stadium is a fantastic place to see a game! We had such a blast wandering around the stadium, drinking beers and enjoying bratwursts with onions, peppers, and sauerkraut (<--my fave! ha). We had club seats, so we were nicely shaded from the sun - and also from the rain when it started to pour! I experienced my first real-live rain delay.

Dark clouds rolled in, and it poured rain for a bit. I actually found it kind of fun to watch the field crew roll out the cover for the field, and then roll it back up once the rain cleared.

The teams came back out to play the last inning and a half, and the Nats held off the Mets for the win! We all had such a great time - and definitely needed naps afterwards! Sun + beer = tired Lindsay. Well worth it, though!

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Anna said...

Nats games are my fave!! Thank goodness for the seats because I have gotten poured on at that park before and it's no fun!