Thursday, September 26, 2013

I should probably stick to my day job...

Yesterday's Blogtember prompt was interesting: Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made. I read a smattering of posts from bloggers participating in the challenge, and I started to notice (what I felt was) an interesting theme. Most of the posts went something like this:
  • Blurb about how everyone makes mistakes
  • Blurb about how I (blogger) make mistakes
  • Blurb about how what is important is learning from mistakes
  • Optional: blurb about how God loves us anyway and thinks we are perfect no matter what
See the trend? Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this kind of post - open-ended, non-committal, generalizations... I just found it really, really intriguing that, of the majority of posts that I read that went along with this prompt, none of the bloggers were willing to actually throw out a concrete example of a mistake that they've made. It's like no one wants to burst that bubble and admit to doing something wrong. The Sociologist in me found this fascinating. Anyone else notice a similar trend??

Anyway. I know I'm a day late with this, but I figured I'd go ahead and answer the prompt anyway - I'm more than willing to share a mistake, and I know there are about a million I could write about. (As someone with a horrible sense of direction, I could get lost trying to get out of a paper bag, and therefore have lots of wrong turn / missed exit / make a U-turn kind of stories...) The one I decided to go with is one that I still get shit for to this day... and it's probably well deserved!

Best I can do, because there is no photo proof that this occurred...
When C and I had just started dating, maybe 6ish months in, we were in college and he used to cut his own hair. It wasn't a big deal - he just took the clippers to it once a month or so and trimmed it all down. Once he decided he could trust me, he started asking me to do the back and clean up his neck for him... pretty simple. So, one fine day, he's cutting his hair, and yells for me to come into the bathroom. In I go, and he hands me the clippers and turns around. I notice that, on the back of his head, there are several patches where he missed chunks of hair because he couldn't see the back, so I think to myself, "self, you should go over those spots first and clean them up." What I fail to notice is that C has handed me the clippers with no guard on whatsoever, with the intention of doing his neck first... and (I see this in slow motion in my head now) I swipe those clippers straight up the back of his head, up from the hairline for about 4", before his reflexes (and mine) kick in and he jerks away, cursing. The damage is done, though....... I have created a giant bald spot right up the back of my sweet boyfriend's head. Ohhhhh jeez, he was mad. So mad! And so bald in that spot. There was absolutely no fixing it. I had removed all the hair from that section! There was no way to cover it up. In the end, he went to the barber, and had them cut all the rest of his hair suuuuper short, like as short as they could go without just shaving his head, and he wore a baseball hat for about a month while it grew back out. Lots of jokes were made on my and his behalf. Whoops!!!

More than five years later, I still hear about that one. (he kept me around, though, and married me in the end, so I think we're all good!)

Lessons learned from this mistake? 1) Check the guard on the clippers before I do anything. 2) C is now very, very clear with the instructions when he asks me to help with his hair (or he just goes to the barber!)

Anyone else want to 'fess up to a mistake? :)


Sharon Cooper said...

Laughing so hard!!! Never heard that one!

Lindsay said...

I kept that one mostly to myself... ha! ;)

Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Bahahaha, I absolutely LOVE this. I'm pretty sure Chris would never let me touch his head with clippers for this exact reason!