Friday, September 13, 2013

In the frame

Blogtember prompt for Friday, September 13: A self portrait

Instagram (and the iPhone, and whatever other technology, I suppose) has made the "selfie" a thing. It exists - and I don't hate it. While some may see it as gratuitous or self-indulgent, I do believe there is a deeper meaning behind the "selfie." It is a snapshot of the here-and-now, the moments where we are confident, happy, lazy, sad, whatever. It is a moment we are capturing, saying "here is me. I am here." And maybe that's a good thing. Maybe there is an element of capturing ourselves that never existed before. Generally, the person taking the photo is never IN the photo - I remember always hearing my mom say, "there are no pictures of me! I'm the one taking the picture!" The picture-taker was always invisible, behind the scenes, capturing the moments of others. Now, technology has allowed us to change that. Now, we have the "selfie." The picture-taker is always in the picture.

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